Work and Tuna and Friends

Been working a lot – it’s fun though!

When I was little I used to make a tuna concoction with my friend for a snack. Some of the common ingredients were…

  • tuna (duh)
  • mayonnaise
  • mustard, especially the kind with seeds
  • honey
  • egg whites
  • random spices

After work I went over to that friend’s house and thenΒ I walked home, which was a little over 2 miles. I actually walked to my friend’s after work while chatting with my mom, which was another 3 miles. Walking home was actually really nice. I haven’t been doing yoga much recently (because my mind is going too fast) but sometimes I need that time to let my mind go blank.

I’m having dessert now, which is a bowl of ripe kabocha!

What did you have for dessert today?

12 Replies to “Work and Tuna and Friends”

  1. I had banana muffins I made! Yum~

    Tuna melt is so good. If you have leftover tuna, just bake it on top of bread or pita, with cheese all over…ooooh la la~

  2. i’ve also been enjoying walks outside, especially now that the weather is really nice. it really does clear my head of thesis and work stuff. sometimes we’re just going too fast and it’s great to slow down.

    my dessert last night was LOTS of kashi h2h… yikes!

  3. I eat chocolate every day, but I really don’t consider it a dessert, more like a necessity.

    Ugh, the kabochas have not been so great in Nashville lately. Enjoy some for me in NYC!

    I was wondering about your tuna recipe after you guys mentioned it on Eat the Damn Cake. πŸ™‚

  4. That sounds so nice! I was thinking that I’d like a tuna salad just the other day. Used to have that as a meal quite frequently but I haven’t had it in months and months.

    Today’s dessert is an almond butter ball for me! (Almond butter/granola/oats/agave). Taaaasssttyyy.

  5. That sounds like quite the fun tuna concotion! Nummy. I actually didn’t have a dessert, per se, today, because I had a giant blizzard yesterday and felt like I should perhaps try to balance things out. I am, however, about to dig into a giant grapefruit! Hope you’re having a good weekend Maggie πŸ™‚

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