Another Perfect (Souen) Sunday

We just got back from another great brunch at Souen. If you are a new reader, Souen is a macrobiotic restaurant – my favorite location is the one by Union Square.

Bobby’s family (mom, dad, sister) are in town this week (up from Miami) and they are staying a few blocks away. This morning we took them to Souen for brunch. I was nervous about it, because Souen can definitely be an acquired taste… I love it, but not all do. Fortunately brunch was a success. I think. Bobby’s sister, Tina, got these great chickpea croquettes (three deep-fried pieces of chick pea croquette with curry carrot sauce, served with yam and mesclun salad) that Bobby got a few weeks ago:

His mom got “Brunch C“, which is similar to this

But has broiled fish of the day instead of tofu skin. It also has the mixed grain of the day, stewed vegetables, gomae (steamed greens with a black sesame sauce), goma tofu (sesame tofu).

Bobby’s dad opted for a starter of broccoli soup, which apparently was not as good as Bobby’s mom’s broccoli soup. He did really enjoy his udon pad thai though (sauteed with onion, carrot, mung bean sprout, scallion, shiitake, broccoli, kale and baked tofu in all natural house-made peanut sauce with lime):


Bobby got the stir-fried soba noodles (with onion, carrot, mung bean sprout, scallion, cabbage, shiitake, snow pea, greens and broccoli in miso ginger sesame sauce). Can’t find a picture, but it was great. I helped him a bit.

And I got the vegetable curry (chunky broccoli, cauliflower, kale, carrot, squash, mushroom and onion in homemade mild curry, turmeric and ginger root sauce):

I got kabocha instead of brown rice, which is what it usually comes with.

I don’t think they realized it was all vegan aside from the fish in Brunch C. Hehehe. (Now they do! They read the blog. Hi mom, hi dad!)

For “exercise” today, Bobby and I walked down to Souen from our apartment (~45 blocks = 2+ miles). Yesterday we had an off day and did not do much walking – maybe just 1 or 2 miles total.

AND I finally got my yoga groove back this morning. I did a 20 minute yogadownload routine – Power Yoga #5. I missed yoga. I’m going to try to start doing it for 20 minutes a day because I want to be toned for the wedding (July).

Our dinner last night was at a French restaurant called Bistro du Nord (Madison and 93rd). It was alright. I actually was quite pleased up until dessert – too sweet!

Stay tuned for a protein post tomorrow. I’m writing it now. It should be good.

How was your weekend? (And if you have any protein questions you want me to answer hit me up in the comments and I’ll try to incorporate answers in my post tomorrow.)

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  1. That’s great! I went to the Souen in E. Village last week with my mom. Glad you ventured out to try the curry dish! I went furniture shopping this weekend as well. Got some stuff. 🙂

  2. The American’s perception of required daily protein intake is skewed – yes? Yes! I’m so sick of people ingesting way too much protein, and shunning carbs like the devil.

    You can get kabocha instead of rice? Damn, that’s nice. I would totally do that too. Rice is so boring.

  3. That sounds tasty, although I think I’d rather have that for dinner than brunch… I’m very particular about what I eat in the morning 😀

    I have to do yoga more often, too. Did it just last week and I felt SO GOOD all day. Must try to do it at the very least once a week.

  4. I’ve never had a specifically macrobiotic meal but it sounds kind of cool! I’ll have to try it. V. excited for your protein post. What are your favorite sources? Do you have any good non-traditional sources to recommend?
    Thanks 🙂
    xoxo Caronae

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