Quick Healthy Updates

Yesterday I ended up walking 3 miles – 2 to work, and then one at lunch. But today I didn’t get any exercise in. I will try to do a little extra tomorrow.

Today’s food had lots of veggies and fats, but no overkill of protein. I’m trying oatmeal for breakfast again. It’s good. I missed it. I’m going to be a little bit honest. I’m getting really frustrated with these few pounds that I’ve put on. I feel like I’m trying hard to lose it, but I forgot how annoying it is to lose weight!

I’m reading this really good book: The Stuff of Thought by Steven Pinker. He’s a very smart linguist. It makes me feel very intelligent as I sit on the subway on my way to or from work. I’m starting to carry it everywhere which is always a good sign.

What’s your favorite book?

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  1. Love the update! As for my favorite book.. hmm. I’m not sure I could ever pick just one. My favorite books change all the time. I really loved the most recent book I read – La’s Orchestra Saves the World, by Alexander Mcall Smith. It’s a simple and quietly poetic little novel.

  2. congrats walking girl!!! i love how you go with the flow and allow yourself (even your blog!) to just flow.

    one of my favorite fiction books is called swan song by robert mccammon.

    have you had kabocha oats yet? oh maggie, im having it right now! kabocha cubes, zucchini, maple, cinnamon. so good! tomorrow i think i’ll try chocolate kabocha oats.

  3. Love the new blog name 🙂

    My favorite non-fiction books are Stumbling on Happiness, Decoding Love, and The Paradox of Choice. Fiction books are harder. I have so many I love!

  4. Omg first, love your new name! and your site layout is sooo clean (i redid mine myself this weekend!) anyway…i just posted about a huge vegan topic and although its not directly related to protein intake i totally agree w/ you that we dont need anywhere near as much as “they” say. and yes plants are great sources of protein and no one is “deficient” if eating enough. I plan to do some bikini shows, see my past few posts 🙂 but I am plant powered and all my yoga and moves and muscles are based off plant protein sources and i dont go overboard on the powders, beans, tofu, etc. And am fine. I could go on and on. Love this post.

  5. I have way too many favourite books to pick one 🙂 I love reading!

    but to name a few… Gone with the Wind, Slumdog Millionaire, The Bridges of Madison Country and so on. I love reading fiction and most times prefer reading the books to watching the movies 🙂

    I like your new name! 🙂

  6. I like your new domain name, it defines you better than salad girl right? I really wish I can walk more… that’s maybe what I miss most about living in a city, specially when weather gets warm. 🙂

  7. I like the new focus!

    Don’t worry about your 8 lbs. Easier said than done, I know. I’m at the same spot. Helloooo spandex-y pants. Jeans, I hate you. BUT — I know that my worth is not in my butt size, but in the size of my heart and actions. Yours is, too, which is a good thing because you seem to have a HUGE heart.

    As for favorite books, I have too many to list (Bible, Chronicles of Narnia, anything by Neil Gaiman…) but right now I’m reading a really neat memoir of a pro-Nazi Christian Czech woman who grew up during the Holocaust, Hansi. She talks about how she loved Hitler and believed all of his promises, but was not sure how to deal with the fact that he committed suicide and they lost the war. I’m about halfway through so I can’t say more, but it’s been a really interesting exploration of how WWII looked from inside Nazi territory. Here’s a link if you’re interested: http://tinyurl.com/yaw23k3

  8. I know that frustration – there is nothing more uncomfortable than not fitting in your clothes!

    I love the new site and theme! Cute tagline too 🙂

  9. Ooh nice new site, Maggie!

    I really hear your frustration over gaining a few pounds. I gained 5 lbs and although I know I’m still healthy and look fine, my pants are tight, and I know I’ll FEEL better once I’ve lost the weight.

    We can do this 🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing this; I’m in a struggle with weight too. Encourage one another and listen to what your body tells you that it needs! It’s hard to do (I’m certainly the last person to succeed at it)

  11. Thanks for the protein post — loved it! I find that I do best with a higher fat, higher protein diet than most people. I have insulin resistance and PCOS which means that my body just does not work well with carbs. Icky. I like chicken, salmon, eggs, milk/yogurt (but one serving a day only), nut butters, beans, grains like quinoa, fresh vegetables. etc. Basically everything! And I understand your feelings about your weight! I am in a position where I’d like to lose about ten pounds, but don’t have to. And I can’t seem to get there. Blech.

    Okay, favorite books: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston and Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison!

  12. Love it Maggie! I am walking more in between my jog days.

    I so wish I could walk to work. but I am 30 miles from the desk!


    I don’t have a favorite book. I am reading a book another blogger sent me but it’s just a few minutes a day as JJ takes his bath. it’s called “what Kate did next”

    I like it…Mom having a life changing event! that kind of thing. Mostly I read things like Intuitive Eating, and ChiRunning and self improvement books but I am trying to live life more and be easier on myself!


  13. Love the new name, Mags! You know, I’m frustrated with my weight, too, but I guess it’s more of a constant struggle for all of us, eh? I am trying not to go overboard with exercising, but I do find myself trying to run at least 2 miles a day and walk about 3 to 4. It feels good.

    As for my favourite book…well…you know by my blog that I simply can’t pinpoint just one. I will say that I adored Three Cups of Tea recently 🙂

  14. I was doing ok fighting the dreaded winter weight gain until the blizzards of February came and I took it as an excuse to be a lump. I’m just barely getting into my ‘big’ clothes and more than vanity I just don’t feel good. Blah. I love the new name and the clean layout. 🙂

  15. Maggie…8 lbs is really nothing. You can’t even see it…and from the last time I saw you, I think 8 lbs might even be good on you! maybe it’s just time to throw out the old clothes and get new ones? I can’t wait to throw out my old clothes myself.

    btw, I already mentioned this…but I love your new blgo name! Haha, and eating fats and veggies…plus, with all the avid runners out there, it’s refreshing to meet a walker! I can’t wait to walk NYC with you!

  16. I like the new title! I’ll change the link on my blog! 🙂

    Walking is definitely the way to go in this city… I HATE the subway and cabs are $$$!!

  17. Woot-woot! Congrats on the new spot. 🙂

    …and thanks for the last post on protein. Good stuff.

    Some of my favorite books: Wuthering Heights, the Poisonwood Bible, the Life of Pi, the Bell Jar, and so many more. I’m always reading something. What can I say? I’m a book monster!

  18. hey maggie! I was just wondering how do you derive the high fat high vegetable diet? I mean how do you know you work best with that sort of diet, because its the first time I’ve come across that. Im needing to lose some 10 pounds so I’d need some help 🙂

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