Why Do Sundays Have to End? Parks & Recreation & Books…

Yesterday Bobby and I explored and wandered. We ended up at Borders and I scored a bunch of bargain books. I found this cool health book (Dr. Rau’s The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health):

I have an addiction to buying health books, especially ones that are based on the idea that nutrition is the foundation of health. Dr. Rau’s approach is really similar to macriobiotics, but it’s more European than Japanese/Asian. This actually makes it easier to follow because he uses pretty standard ingredients in his meal plan/recipes. I’m trying out some of his ideas and liking them so far.

I also got Lipstick Jungle (by Candace Bushnell), The Boleyn Inheritance (by Philippa Gregory), and Before Green Gables (by Budge Wilson – fun name).

Hope they’re good. I used to love reading Anne of Green Gables. I never read Sex & the City (also written by Candace Bushnell) but I have the whole series on DVD and I will never tire of it. And I’ve never read Philippa Gregory but I’ve heard great things.

I’m also excited for a book that I just won over at Missy’s blog – she inspires me to keep reading. She’s a true bookworm.

Today we headed down to High Line Park, which is a park on the lower west side of Manhattan that’s built on an abandoned train track. It winds over the city and as you walk the tracks you can see all of these beautiful deteriorating buildings. As we walked I had scenes from The Newsies running through my head. (Did anyone else love this movie? Christian Bale was ridiculously cute.) That area of the city is very old world and early 1900s-esque.

We took the train down to Union Square and walked over the ~6 big city blocks. We entered at 14th Street and walked up to 20th; we couldn’t go any further because the rest of it is under construction. We’ll go back again soon. Landscape architecture is something that I am continually baffled and awed by. The people that had the inspiration to turn a defunct railway into a beautiful project are genius, in my opinion.

Bobby is sitting on our living room floor putting this together now:

It’s our new media center and bookshelf from Crate and Barrel. It goes nicely with our new couches.

How was your weekend? Do you have a favorite park to visit?

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  1. It’s cloudy and cool in the Bay Area, and I love the chill in the air. I am about to enjoy sunday afternoon with a hot pot of coffee and russian tea cakes.

    That’s a beautiful media center. anything from Crate is beautiful in my book!

  2. i bought a used book today and read it in a park. it’s a craft book from 1976. i totally share in the health book obsession too.

  3. I love reading health books and sex and city too! They never bore me! Actually I’m watching sex and city right now, for the one million times! 😀
    I went to walk around DC with friends today, it was nice!

  4. I swear to God they will NEVER finish the construction around Union Square!!! I’ve lived near there for over a year and it never ends! But then again I say the same thing for the Soho/Bowery area too.

    I love reading health books and have spent many hours in the Union Square Barnes & Noble reading them for free! 🙂

  5. If you’re ever in San Fran, go visit Golden Gate Park. It’s brilliant.

    Blech, personally, I hate Phillipa Gregory. I wouldn’t have any problem with her (besides not thinking her books were all that well written), but she refuses to admit her stuff is pure historical fiction. Her retardation with The Other Boleyn Girl, trying to say she’d gotten access to “newfound documents” was silly.

    But Lipstick Jungle is SUPER fun, I thought!

  6. That sounds like a fascinating book, I have never heard of it. I need to go to the library I think.

    Too much snowing here to enjoy the park, but I will head out for a walk today and maybe a ski tomorrow! Keep moving 🙂

  7. Wow when did you change the site over?! I sure have been out of the loop for like 2 wks now. I’ll change it on my blog roll!

    I have never heard of Before Green Gables, but I will definitely read it. Although I feel a bit iffy that it’s not by LM Montgomery. I’m a diehard fan – I lived in PEI a year, did you know that?!

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