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I recently started watching a show called Lie to Me*. It’s a FOX show, but Netflix has the whole first season available for (free) streaming. We have an Xbox hooked up to the television so we can watch our streaming shows right on tv… instead of the computer. Anyway, I’m rather addicted to this show.

It’s formulaic, like CSI or House (two of my favorites). Cal Lightman owns a firm that specializes in analyzing whether or not people are lying. There are a few cases per episode – Cal’s firm helps solve kidnappings, military cases, sports mysteries, etc… It’s very captivating. Tim Roth plays Cal and his accent is endearing. I love British accents. In high school I planned to move to England when I grew up because I wanted to have cute little babies with British accents and a sexy British hubby. That didn’t happen, but I’m quite happy with the way things turned out anyway. Bobby is much cuter and more amazing than any guy in the world.

Before I watched more Lie to Me*, I went on a short run. I walked home (2 miles) and then I put some veggies in the oven to roast while I went out for a jog (1.9 miles). When I got back I took the veggies out and they were perfect. Good timing on my part 😉

The jog was really nice. I don’t usually exercise at night, but I realized it usually puts me in a really good mood (if I can get myself to actually get out and do it).


Dessert – avocado with some (white) sugar. The dessert was fabulous. I just mushed the avocado around in its shell with some sugar (would have used a better sweetener but I don’t have any).

Do you like to run?

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  1. i’ve never done qdoba because i’m such a diehard chipotle girl–but i’ve always been curious to try it.

    i’ve found that exercise i enjoy really keeps me on track–and i’d imagine there some link btwn working out later in the day and not binging. that makes a lot of sense to me, any way.

    hope your week’s off to a great start!

  2. Yes!!! I love having netflix streaming on my tv too, my bf has an x box and also you can use the zune feature to rent movies on it. I love it! What I do to stay on track is pack my gym bag the night before or RIGHT when I get home jump on my wii fit.

  3. I haven’t seen that show, it sounds interesting though! Avocado and sugar sounds like a wonderful snack, yum. My mom eats hers with tons of salt!

  4. Oooh, I love “CSI” and I’ve heard “Lie to Me” is good. A few people have said I’d like it. Maybe I’ll Netflix it…

    I make lists, do yoga, and go for walks to stay on track. And clean/do laundry 🙂 Those things keep me sane.

  5. that show sounds great! we don’t have netflix though but we’ve been thinking about it. may have to put our Xbox to better use now!

    I’m gonna go look for it!

    your quesedilla sounds perfect! and nice job on a jog.
    I have been trying to keep some cardio and exercise more consistent which is my biggest problem…getting up a half an hour earlier (for now) seems to really help. some days it’s hard and if I am really tired I let myself rest but if not I go and I always feel GREAT!


  6. I love that show! Lie to Me is fantastic. I watched the first season in a weekend. Mind you, after watching that many episodes in a row I fancied myself a lie expert. I’d point out “liars” to my boyfriend on the subway. I was on the look out for microexpressions and one shoulder shrugs. My boyfriend finally had to tell me that I am NOT Cal Lightman. 🙂

  7. I warded off binging by going out for a walk last night too! I definitely find that doing a bit of light exercise is a good way to prevent binging.

    Also, right now I’m reading some blogs to prevent myself from wandering into the kitchen 😀

  8. My boyfriend and I are ADDICTED to lie to me, and we were super sad when they stopped airing it. 🙁 It’s up there with my #1 favorite of all time – House!!! That being said though, I am NOT a fan of British accents! hahah I grew up in hong kong and went to a British school. All my teachers had the strongest, most arrogant accents ever!!! 😛

  9. I watched few episodes of this series and I really like it! it’s so funny that you’re watching it too! oh… and you run too!!! 😀

  10. Getting outside for a short walk or even just sitting in the sunshine while reading something really good helps keep me happy and on track.

    Never seen Lie to Me, but I just got a subscription to Netflix. 🙂

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