My recent favorites.

Restaurants/meals I have recently had and enjoyed.

  • Brunch pancakes at Souen Union Square. Topped with “cooked fruit” sauce. Came with Mu Tea (odd taste; will get the other tea next time). ($8)
  • California Plate at Eat Here Now. Fruit and cottage cheese over some lettuce. Supposed to come with jello but I traded it in for more fruit. ($8 something)
  • 3 vegetarian dishes at Spice Market. (I was with vegetarians.)
    1. Stir fried asparagus, lotus root, and lily bulb ($9)
    2. Vegetables in green curry ($9)
    3. Ginger fried rice with an egg on top ($7)
  • Dessert at Spice MarketThai jewels and fruits with crushed coconut ice.
  • Grilled Vegetable Salad at Burger Heaven. Biggest and best salad I’ve had in a very very long time. With fries.
  • Ice cream at McDonald’s.


Walks I have recently had and enjoyed.

  • 3 miles on Park alone (1.5 up; 1.5 back)
  • 2.5 miles from Souen to home
  • Wandering around with friends after dinner
  • Wandering around with Bobby while chatting

Other things I have recently had and enjoyed.

  • Time to chill out.
  • A nap.
  • Snuggle time with my cats and my fiance.

What have you recently had and enjoyed?

9 Replies to “My recent favorites.”

  1. lily buds…that sounds so beautiful! i looked it up, its actually the unopened flowers of a day lily! wonderful, i wonder where i could find these to use in a stir fry…

    the last 3 days ive GREATLY enjoyed spending time with my nephew/godson. he is a joy.

  2. I had a visit to a sample sale today, where I bought an $80 tank for $5 and a $171 hoodie for $20. Yeah, I enjoyed that.

  3. I’ve recently enjoyed… snuggle time with the cats (I love this!), a caprese sandwich with perfectly oily foccacia and delicious cheese, laughter with my sister, two hours of zone-out driving time, a phone call with a friend in France, and kisses from my husband. Cheesy, I know. Sorry!
    Have a great start to the week 🙂

  4. Recently had a most lovely, messy, sloppy, greasy burger…LOVED it.

    Souen must crown you customer of the year! You’re such a fan!

  5. I had the most amazing fish and chips at Anthony’s in Seattle this past week. I normally don’t like anything fried, but the tempura batter was so light, and I adore cod, so it was delicious 🙂

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