Menu Plan Monday (vegetarian/vegan)

This menu plan is vegetarian and vegan aside from the shrimp. Can’t stop eating my shrimpies! The last time I did a Menu Plan Monday was almost a year ago on April 26th, 2009.

Menu for the Week of April 18 – April 24



  • Spring rolls and Vietnamese shrimp salad with vermicelli noodles


  • Maki sushi rolls and egg drop soup


  • Avocado shrimp cocktail with green apple and tabbouleh


  • Miso sesame noodles and spring salad


  • One night out; one night leftovers

Extra meal (if I don’t feel like doing one of the assigned meals)

  • Cold soba noodles with tofu and garlic mushrooms (new recipe)

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I will be posting these recipes as I make them this week. Now I’m off to Chinatown to get all the groceries I need!

What is on your menu plan this week?

9 Replies to “Menu Plan Monday (vegetarian/vegan)”

  1. I love menu planning 🙂 This week for us:
    Yesterday was tacos.
    Today, stuffed bell peppers (risotto, mozzarella) and salad
    Monday = soup and loaded baked potatoes
    Tuesday = ciabatta sandwiches with oven fries
    Wednesday = pasta with veggies and vodka sauce and goat cheese
    Thursday = Indian mix with tofu, brown rice, naan
    Friday = calzones 🙂

  2. my workweek is even more of a mess than usual if I don’t menu plan! I don’t assign nights in advance though, just buy 5-6 days worth of stuff at Saturday farmers market and make whatever strikes me out of my list when I get home from work(this is especially essential when the weather could be anything between 80 and sunny and 45 and rainy). On my list this week:
    Caesar salad
    Black bean, kale, avocado, mango and roasted red pepper salad
    Braised white beans, shiitake mushrooms, and greens with roasted beets on the side
    Refried black beans; roasted potato, poblano pepper, red onion and spinach salad
    Hummus, guacamole and veggies

  3. Oooh, menu plans. Such fun times!
    We had pasta tonight which will fuel us through tomorrow night and lunches into the week.
    At some point, we’re going to make chicken in salsa verde – homemade salsa verde, put that and chicken thighs into the slow cooker, and we’ll have two nights of eats (plus a lunch, here and there).

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