Review: Slice Perfect Pizza in New York

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I mentioned yesterday that my sister came to visit me for the weekend. So…

Bobby and I have been meaning to go to this organic pizza placeSlice – on the upper east side for a while now. I’d heard of it through my Cornell listserve (the owners are fellow Cornellians) and apparently Bobby’s business partner is actually friends with them. We decided to take Julia there for her first night in the city (Friday).

Slice also offers gluten-free pies, and actually pies for people with all different allergies – dairy, wheat, gluten, nuts, casein, etc… Everything is made to order and fresh (no pre-made pizza that gets reheated). The slices come sliced into bite-size pieces – about 5 per slice, I think. Apparently they are the only pizzeria in the country that uses 100% organic mozzarella cheese.

We shared the bruschetta to start ($5.50 I think). I left my camera at home so these pictures are taken from Yelp. This picture shows the bruschetta on little crackers, but it was actually served with fresh toasted pita bread – which was delicious. I think the “pita” was actually the same dough they make their (thin-) crust pizza with.


Julia got the “intermediate” slice ($5). It was a honey whole wheat crust with marinara, arugula, and goat cheese. It was amazing. Their menu is set up like a school – appetizers are “additional learning”, drinks are “extracurriculars”, and so on.


Bobby got 2 slices – one was “Taste of India” ($4.50) (honey whole wheat crust, channa masala, and part-skim mozzarella). You had to eat this with a fork it was so thick and chickpea-covered. I’m going to be honest and say I didn’t like this one at all… but I don’t like Indian food; maybe an Indian food lover would enjoy it. Bobby and Julia didn’t like it that much either.


His other slice was called “the master” ($5.50), which was my favorite. I don’t have a picture. It was a thin-crust honey whole wheat pizza topped with marinara sauce, organic part-skim mozzarella, and crumbled free-range organic herbed chicken sausage. Oh my goodness, so delicious. It was light but meaty and the flavors were perfect.

I got this amazing salad, ($7) and I shared some of the pizzas and of course the bruschetta. (Greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, goat cheese.) I got this with the carrot ginger dressing – I dumped all 3 containers of dressing on the salad and wished they had given me more.


Next time I think I will get “the intermediate” (Julia’s pick) and steal some of Bobby’s “the master” (the organic chicken sausage one).

Slice was great – organic and reasonably priced. We left feeling pretty full – could definitely do without the appetizer next time. We’ll probably be back one night this week.

I broke out my camera yesterday and took pictures of several things I ate. It was nice. It felt odd after keeping the camera away for so long. The pictures include yummy oatmeal that converted Bobby and Julia into oatmeal lovers. That makes me happy. Bobby has been a willing weekend oatmeal participant for the last few weeks, ever since he found out about steel cut oats.

Do you like pizza? What’s your favorite kind? I like vegan or vegetarian pies with lots of veggies.

P.S. I saw a celebrity at Souen at Saturday brunch. She was gorgeous and her role in one of my favorite TV shows does not do her any justice at all. The women is 44 but she looks about 25. I want to be her. If I’m a vegan too will I look like that? If I practice yoga daily will I look like that? Guess who!

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  1. Thank you very much for the review! Will be visiting NYC soon and will definitely check them out. Any other healthy places you like to eat at?

  2. Pizza isn’t something I normally crave, but after looking at your pictures, I totally want some!

  3. I love Two Boots’ vegan slice…it really is more like a big fluffy flatbread with a roasted veggie topping…but I have never been a real pizza person. I first thought it could be Alicia Silverstone because she raves about Souen on her website, the kind life…but she is only 34 and not in tv shows…who?!

  4. the pizza looks delish! Was it Courtney Cox, I think she is so beautiful!

  5. Congrats on the HealthBuzz gig!
    I love mushroom pizza, thin crust, made with real mushrooms (fresh, not marinated or canned or whatever). But the best “unusual” pizza I ever had was at a place near Penn called Bocce. I think they called it Moroccan pizza and it was more like a marinated lamb flatbread with goat cheese and tahini. I totally wish there were a recipe for it somewhere but alas, when the restaurant closed, they took the recipe with them.

  6. Pizza is such a NY thing but I have never found any great places. Looks like I’ll have to try this one! All I can say is yum.

    Have a great week Maggie!

  7. This pizza place sounds amazing! I love thinking of drinks as “extracurricular activity” 😉
    I try to stick to veggie pizzas most of the time, but I do have a special place in my heart for Hawaiian pizza.

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