Salad Tuesday and Flat Bread

I added a tab on the blog called “Operation Wedding“. I’ll be tracking my workouts and progress over the next 2.5 months… July 24th is quickly approaching! Operation Wedding is well underway – I am very sore this morning.

In other wedding news, I got a caterer. It’s going to be a secret though. You will just have to wait and see because I feel like being secretive. At least for now.

I wanted to share two yummy salads that I have made recently. I always eat more salads in the summer – I just crave them. And I have decided that $2.99 for a bunch of kale is not so terrible. It’s cheaper than eating out, I suppose.

Salad numero uno:

  • base: romaine; massaged kale with avocado, lemon juice, salt, and bragg’s liquid aminos
  • toppings: tomatoes, cucumbers, uncured organic turkey bologna (nitrate/nitrite-free)
  • dressing: pear-feta dressing from trader joe’s

Salad numero dos:

  • base: romaine; massaged kale with avocado, lemon juice, salt, and bragg’s liquid aminos
  • toppings: beets sauteed in butter + some cilantro, uncured organic turkey bologna (nitrate/nitrite-free), shredded cheddar cheese
  • dressing: annie’s lite honey mustard dressing

They were delicious. Reminds me of doing Leng’s salad challenges last year. I hear RhodeyGirl is doing a salad challenge right now too, and so is Lara. I adore salad, and I probably have a salad almost every day without even trying. Don’t forget, I am The Salad Girl.

In non-salad news, I had this amazing flatbread from Trader Joe’s this weekend:

It was called the “Tarte aux Champignons” – a French style flat bread with mushrooms, emmental, and parmesan (love!) cheese. I ate half and Bobby ate half… but I stole his crust. It was amazing. I actually wish the whole thing was just crust. We’ll definitely be buying this again if we can ever get into Trader Joe’s. I had to get this when I was in New Jersey because the Union Square Trader Joe’s lines are always too long.

What’s your favorite salad dressing? Mine is certainly honey mustard! I get it 99% of the time.

12 Replies to “Salad Tuesday and Flat Bread”

  1. I usually have some sort of vinegarette. I really love my hubs three cheese ranch when I sneak some of it 😉

  2. You have a new blog? How did I not know! Thanks for the shout out!!!

    Your wedding is a day before my one year anniversary! Good luck with all the planning!

  3. Mmm, delicious looking salads! I usually don’t add salad dressing to my salads, because I usually just add flavourful tidbits on top (usually sliced olives) But when I do it’s usually just a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Oh, and I love salsa on salads too!

    I got to your blog from Eat the Damn Cake. I love your blog! Oh, and congratulations on your wedding! 🙂


  4. How is that pear feta dressing from TJ’s? I’ve been loving the poppyseed but I think I need a change.
    Yay for salads! Thanks for the mention. I totally thought of you when I started this thing 🙂

  5. That flatbread looks so good! Is it in the fresh bread section or the frozen section? I want it!

    As for salad dressing, I used to be only a honey mustard girl, but then I got this salad mix at Trader Joe’s (I forget what it’s called but it has spinach, walnuts, dried edamame, dried cherries and blueberries…and I add beans and avocado) that comes with this raspberry/cherry viniagrette and I LOVE it. Probably a phase…

  6. Mmmm your salads look glorious.

    I like homemade salad dressings- just about any kind- or hummus as a salad dressing. But most of the time my salads are “naked”. I’ve never been a big fan of dressings. They often tend to overwhelm salads and take away from any other taste!

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