A Filling Salad

I like to think I’m a pro at making salads. I posted 2 of my new yums yesterday – salads really can be wholesome and filling (not just greens and no oil!) and they can be for lunch or dinner.

They key is adding things like kabocha or squash or other root veggies (beets, sweet potatoes, etc…), healthy fats (avocados, olive oil, bacon, butter), and other extras. I am currently *not* vegetarian or vegan, so I definitely enjoy meaty add-ons like bacon, lunch meat, cheese, and eggs.

(I am a vegetarian/vegan enthusiast but that strict lifestyle is not for me!)

(Picture is not today’s salad, but quite similar. I thought I had uploaded the picture but I hadn’t!) Today my lunch salad consisted of:

  • base: massaged kale with avocado, lemon juice, bragg’s liquid aminos, and salt + chopped romaine
  • toppings: organic nitrate/nitrite-free turkey bologna, shredded cheddar, thinly sliced celery (mandoline)
  • dressing: annie’s light honey mustard

I addition to salads, I like bringing sauteed veggies (with more filling toppings) to work for lunch as well. I’m not usually a fan of processed foods, but some of the frozen options at Trader Joe’s have served me well for toppings.

This is:

  • base: purple cabbage and beets sauteed in organic butter + cilantro
  • toppings: half of a vegetarian frozen lasagna from Trader Joe’s

It was delicious and held me through the afternoon… with a few nuggets of dark chocolate that I had for lunch dessert.

When I do dinner salads (often) I abide by the same rules. A base of healthy greens, and I add on healthy fats and carbs (kabocha, squash, root veggies) and maybe some extras (organic meat).

What’s your favorite lunch to bring to work/school/on a plane/wherever? What are your salad tips?

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  1. Maggie,
    We basically have the same salad tips. 🙂

    Love adding roasted root veggies to my salads as well as avocados. My favorite summertime dish is probably spinach massaged with miso, lemon juice and avocado. In fact, if I had an avocado I would so eat this for lunch today. I also love a little crunch and usually add crushed chips.

    My favorite to-go snack is a leftover baked sweet potato. I wrap them up in foil, and eat them cold. So good and sweet. Kabocha works just as well. 🙂

  2. Looks awesome! I love huge salads. Some people think that they’re just not main-course fare, but honestly, if you add carbs with root veg and some protein with meat, eggs or even hummus, it’s a perfectly balanced meal! And a great way to get lots and lots of veggies in. 😀


  3. Great idea about adding root vegetables such as squashes to your salads!

    Also we love using bragg’s liquid aminos as our salad dressing too (not only does it taste really good but you also get your amino acids at the same time)! We also just add a little of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, lime or lemon juice, some salt and pepper and it makes one of the best salad dressings. Healthy, low calories and tastes great!

    Thanks again for the suggestion on the squash – definitely going to add some the next time we make our large salads! 🙂

  4. The more colors in the bowl the better! For dressing I also use Bragg’s with a bit of flax oil, parsley and mustard. It’s good 🙂

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