Phone blogging! Review: Wai Cafe by Union Square

I am blogging from the tarmac at JFK right now. I took blackberry pictures of our meal the other night so now is the perfect time to review Wai Cafe, a cute little restaurant a few blocks away from Union Square (East Village, 1st Ave between 12th and 13th). Wai Cafe is cheap, healthy-eater friendly, and very cute.

I ordered a cobb salad (hold the blue cheese) with a delicious carrot dressing. It had all the usual suspects (egg, chicken, turkey bacon, half of an avocado, tomatoes) and was honestly the best cobb salad that I can remember having. It was around $7 (the lunch one is even less – around $4) which is shockingly cheap for New York. Fresh and satisfying.

Before the salad Bobby and I split gazpacho (a favorite – we almost always order it to share when it’s on a menu). I think this was $3. It wasn’t the most gourmet gazpacho I’ve had, but it certainly was worth $3! It was smooth but still had lots of yummy chunks.

I forget what Bobby got – something with chicken, rice, and vegetables – but I do remember being impressed that it came with brown rice and lots of veggies. He says it was Lemon Chicken (just looked over my shoulder) and that it was good. It also came with a salad and a glass of wine for a dollar.

We’ll definitely be back. Can’t wait to try more of their healthy options! I may have to get that Cobb Salad again though – it was just that good.

Do you order the same thing when you go out? Or do you switch things up?

7 Replies to “Phone blogging! Review: Wai Cafe by Union Square”

  1. Gazpacho! I want to try it really badly… I’ll definitely make some of my own this summer. Seems like such an awesomely refreshing soup! The cobb salad seems great, too.

    Phone blogging is so cool! Ah, the awesome technological advances of wi-fi. XD


  2. Oooh, usually I think Cobb salads are boring (I ate them for days straight in high school) but with carrot dressing? Sounds fun!

  3. I’m want so bad to go to NY, I hope one day I can. But I love your blog because its always so ‘in the city’ and you eat at the most fun places! I love reading your blog.

  4. I’m more restless than you when it comes to food…I usually never get the same thing. I always want to try something new!

  5. I may have to check this place out! 🙂 As for me, you pretty much know I always eat the same things whenever I go out! lol

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