Vietnamese Food Favorites

Two huge things happened this week.

One: I finally got over the flu.

Two: I have more time to blog again. Maybe daily. And maybe even comment on all of your beautiful blogs.

Anyway, I’ll explain more later. Here are my eats for the day (this first picture is from last summer’s juice days):

Breakfast was a green juice with lemon and ginger from The Health Nuts. Yes, this juice is $5.99 (a large), but that’s actually cheap when you consider the fact that The Blueprint Cleanse is about $75 per day (6 juices – one of which is simply water, lemon juice, agave, and cayenne pepper).

After breakfast I did a killer kickbox workout from Netflix (you can work out when you’re sick as long as the cold is just in your head – this made me feel better). It’s called 10 Minute Solution – Kickbox Bootcamp. The workout was good, but I didn’t like the instructor that much.

After I did this one I did a few minutes of Crunch: Super Slimdown which I really liked. I’ll definitely finish it tomorrow. It’s a combination of yoga and pilates (so far). This instructor, Ellen Barret, had a gorgeous figure.

Both of these videos are free with Netflix streaming. We have an XBox hooked up to the television so I can stream them right to the tv. We don’t even get cable anymore because Netflix is easier and cheaper. (And cheaper than a gym membership.)

Lunch was a salad ordered out from Cafe Metro: romaine base, smoked tofu, egg whites, avocado, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, grapes, mandarin orange, mushrooms, onions, roasted peppers, sliced beets, and sprouts. I got it chopped with dressing on the side – Chipotle Ranch. It also came with a whole wheat bun, which I had a little later.

Lunch dessert – these chocolate powerberry things from Trader Joe’s. Just a handful. Or two.

For dinner we went out to Thai Son in Chinatown, which is actually Vietnamese. I got the papaya salad – green papaya, shrimp, peanuts, and the Vietnamese dressing with fish sauce. I had some of Bobby’s beef pho as well. This is my ultimate favorite meal.

Dessert – Chinatown cherries. Two pounds for $3. Now they are gone.

My brother is coming into the city tomorrow to get lunch so that should be fun. I also scheduled a facial now that I’m over the flu.

If you had to eat one meal forever, what would it be? Mine would be papaya salad. I don’t even think this would be a hardship for me.

9 Replies to “Vietnamese Food Favorites”

  1. oh! great question, and my answer is chocolate zucchini oat bran possibly with cherries. i love cherry season!

    so happy that you are happy with your “change” maggie! 🙂 cant wait to read more of your blogging too.

    ps heaven does exist.

  2. Maggie, did you quit your job???

    Oh gosh, one meal forever? Hmm, my eats are so off right now, and so I’m not sure. One day I love something and the next it makes me want to barf. Will have to get back to you on that one. 🙂

    Glad you’re feeling better, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. one meal forever?!?!?! it would have something to do with pb, chocolate and apples…nomnomnom…

    I hope you’re feeling 100% better soon! miss your blog’n!

  4. Ironically, I just posted last week about blogging as a phase. The comments were interesting, but I feel you on the reading-not-posting thing. I think I’m there right now…

    Anyway, I’m nosy to hear about what’s going on. New job? I could eat oatmeal with almond milk a million times a day. It’s so boring, but I love it.

  5. Glad you’re feeling better! I had gotten sick a few weeks ago but got over it pretty quickly, then last night my throat was sore again. I’m going to try to hold it off! I’m also happy to see you’re happy with whatever changes you’ve made!
    All your food looks so good, I’ve never tried papaya salad and am not sure I’ve seen it anywhere here in Houston. And even though cherries are in season, that only means they’re down to about $4 a lb here :\
    Also, I’ve been considering my move to NY a little more seriously lately. I don’t have a time frame but would love some tips on how to go about finding a place, work, etc!

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