Balance & a Blogger Sweetheart: Clare

One blogger that makes me smile every time her posts pop up in my Google Reader is Clare. She always offers up nuggets of wisdom about yoga, food, and life in general. Recently I won a giveaway of hers and got some yummy protein packed cereal…

Which was perfect for a quick breakfast/snack before work this week.

Thanks, Clare! (And Kay’s Naturals!) I also forgot to mention that I won another one of Clare’s giveaways a while ago and I have been wearing these ever since I received them…

These earrings remind me to stay balanced. Here are my other favorite ways to keep balance in my life:

  • Listen to people that care about me
  • Practice yoga daily (even if it’s only 5 minutes)
  • Give Bobby hugs
  • 5 minutes (preferably more) of “me time” every day
  • Wake up early in the morning to get stuff done
  • Pet my cats
  • Eat salads (enough, but not too many or too few = balance)
  • Get enough sleep
  • Sometimes do absolutely nothing

What are your tricks for staying balanced?

5 Replies to “Balance & a Blogger Sweetheart: Clare”

  1. wow balance, good topic. i love those earring btw! i keep balanced with a daily walk in the sun with music from my mp3player thingy. the music drowns my thoughts so they are overwhelming, and the sun makes me happy! also, on wednesdays after work i go to church!

  2. My tricks for staying balanced are also make sure I have me time, hug Johnny, and pet the dog and cat. Since the weather has been nicer I have also been trying to spend at least 15 minutes outside, just sitting and soaking up the sun w/ no distractions.

    Those earrings are cute! 🙂

  3. aww thanks maggie! im so glad you like the goodies. i could never repay you with enough gifts for introducing me to KABOCHA!!

    balance- i must have lots of “me” time and i carve it into my schedule religiously.

  4. I really love those earrings, my goal has been to be more balanced with things in my life…one of the things I do is keep a journal just to write things out if I need too, and having some me time just hanging out.

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