Saturday Secrets: Best Vegetarian Restaurants in New York

My first Saturday Secret is not a secret – it’s my fiance Bobby’s birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) We had so much fun last night, first going to Kenka and following it up at Falucka Lounge (that’s really what it’s called!). We were with a few of our good friends and it was really fun. We ate things like this (both pics from Yelp):

The first thing is okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake-frittata-egg-thing-with-lots-of-mayo. See my healthier okonomiyaki recipe from April of last year (2009).

The second thing is omu-rice, which is fried rice hiding underneath an omelette (with lots of mayo). Kenka is one of Bobby’s favorite Japanese places – it’s essentially Japanese bar food. And it’s absolutely delicious, I might add. Not the healthiest place I have been to, but certainly delicious.

My second Saturday Secret is that you have until Monday to enter this contest. (Now closed.)

My third Saturday Secret is actually many Saturday Secrets. Here is a list of vegetarian/vegan/veg-friendly places that I either have been to or want to go to in New York:

Now I am off to take Bobby to brunch at this place. He doesn’t know where we are going yet.

What’s your favorite vegetarian restaurant? (In any city!)

8 Replies to “Saturday Secrets: Best Vegetarian Restaurants in New York”

  1. Okonomiyaki is SO good, I have only had it once before but loved it!! My fav vegetarian restaurant is a funky place called the Naam in my city. Its cheap with an extensive menu!

  2. I wish I lived in NYC, just for the restaurants! However, if I ever have to go there for work again, I will refer back to this post and explore what I can ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy Birthday Bobby!

  3. I hardly ever go out to eat despite living in this awesome city. So expensive! I have been to Souen though and loved it and want to try Pure and Slice! My favorite veg food in general is falafels. Just had some good ones for lunch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Those are some great places but have yet to try them all. I love pure, candle, and angelica’s though! Oh and Josie’s has some amazing veg options…and Rice (few locations) too…so good! In MI I have only found one but I love a lot of places in LA like M Cafe and Real Food Daily…so good!

  5. In Greece there are no vegetarian restaurants, maybe just 2-3 because the traditional Greek cuisine is very plant based. So if you go out at a normal restaurant or taverna there are like hundreds of meatless choices.
    My favourite dish is eggplant salad. Yummy!

  6. Why is it that so many veggie places are also international cuisine? I wish the nation could have healthy vegetarian options be convention

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