Homemade Ketchup Fun & Nature’s Pride Bread

I’m a big ketchup fan. Especially when it’s homemade. I first made my own ketchup last spring (with Sagan’s recipe). But I haven’t made it since before I moved to New York (back in November) and I definitely miss it. I am tired of the HFCS-filled stuff that I eat in restaurants! Anyway, I am getting off topic. I used my homemade ketchup recipe this weekend (the only difference was that I added a few teaspoons of sugar this time) to make a yummy ketchup dip. (Click here for recipe!)

Okay I used way more than pictured. I used it first for omelettes. My omelette was 5 egg whites with a fresh chopped tomato and sauteed greens (in peanut oil) that my dad gave me this weekend. (We were down in NJ doing wedding plans Friday-Saturday.) I cooked the omelette in olive oil. Bobby’s omelette was 3 eggs with tomato and no greens (but lots of ketchup) cooked in olive oil. (Not pictured.)

Omelettes are so good.

The other thing I used the ketchup for was Bobby’s hot dog. As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received a bunch of Nature’s Pride rolls. So excited for these! I cooked up a nitrate/nitrite-free turkey dog for him and spread the roll with ketchup and mustard.

He loved it. I have been having these rolls for breakfast but I’ll share that later.

In other news, I’m still keeping up with my tv-exercise routine. I did this Kendell Hogan routine this morning. It’s a 30-minute dance routine from Exercise TV and it’s free! I used to do this one a lot back when we were in California. So fun. I highly recommend it.

Work has been busy and I can’t wait to plop down tonight with my book (finally going to finish Lipstick Jungle) and maybe a Bones episode (or 2 or 3). I also have a kabocha roasting in the oven. Sometimes it’s really nice to just *not* do anything productive at all. Anyone agree with me? What’s your favorite totally lazy thing to do?

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  1. girl, i totally agree with you. i looooove lazy mornings – sitting with a cup of coffee and something sweet (a baked good, a muffin, a cookie, chocolate) and just sitting by my window, with a book. love browsing the internet too haha

  2. I would totally be digging your homemade ketchup if I liked tomatoes. 🙂 I actually do like ketchup sometimes. Is this one smooth? For some reason if tomato sauces are smooth I don’t mind! Glad the exercise routine is working for you now. Being lazy is totally okay! I like to catch up on magazines — Oprah, Yoga Journal, Runner’s World, etc. Have a great week Maggie!

  3. Oh man, I love not being productive…at least one day per weekend! I love to read books or magazines (Poets and Writers, Psychology Today, Yoga Journal, mostly). I love watching TV, movies, etc. Painting my nails. Reading blogs. I could spend a whole day on the couch and be happy.

    That omelet looks so good! So eggs don’t taste weird with peanut oil. I’m still fuzzy on what oils are good for what!

  4. LOL- I love love love ketchup. I will let it be known that it is the only item I consume regularly that contains HFCS. and it tastes delicious. Although I do love the Miur glen brand of ketchup that i grew up eating on bunless turkey dogs and scrambled eggs. delish.

    i have a kabocha sitting on top my dorm dresser waiting to be roasted! i can’t wait!!

  5. Yes, my dear, you do love your ketchup! I remember your early posts and there was always organic ketchup on everything 😀

    Lazy day? Sitting outside in my gazebo reading my food magazines!

  6. Maggie, I remember your homemade ketchup. I bookmarked it but never made it. It looks so thick and grainy – I know I would love it! I especially think it would be good with kabocha. Is it weird that I think that sounds good? You know that I haven’t had a kabocha in months!?! They just haven’t appealed to me much, but the cravings are coming back.

    Good to know I’m not the only one loving on hot dogs and omelets these days. You, me, and Bobby would get along just fine. 🙂

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