Ketchup Versus Catsup

I made my ketchup recipe again this morning. I can’t get enough of these egg white omelettes I have been making.

This one did not come out as pretty as last week’s egg white omelette did. This is probably because I added in shredded zucchini to the egg whites and then started washing dishes instead of paying attention to the pan!


  • 5 egg whites (organic, free range! I’m being strict about this)
  • shredded zucchini (too much – maybe a whole cup or so)
  • fresh basil from my dad’s garden (thanks Dad!)
  • 1 small chopped tomato (my favorite part about any omelette)
  • peanut oil for the pan (maybe 1/2 tablespoon; this is from Bell Plantation and it is awesome)
  • homemade ketchup (the best part!)

I mixed together the egg whites, zucchini, and basil. Then I heated up my wok (high heat), added peanut oil, and dumped in the egg white mix. I let that cook for a minute and dumped on the tomato, then attempted to fold it… And failed. It still tasted good, especially with the addition of my homemade ketchup. I have been adding sweetener to the ketchup (today it was honey) and so far my favorite way to sweeten it is with plain old white sugar. I think brown might be even better but unfortunately I am all out of it so I haven’t been able to try!

Ketchup versus Catsup (Cats):

I love my kitty-cats. Kabocha “Bo” is above; Couscous “Koos” is below.

Sometimes when I upload my pictures to blog I discover that Bobby has been photographing while I sleep! He tends to go to bed later than I do (I’m a midnight person and he’s a 3am person – but I would really prefer to be in bed by 10-11!).

What is your “bedtime”? I recently went to a workshop that emphasized the importance of getting to sleep before midnight, stopping eating around 8pm (so your body has time to digest before it sleeps), and stopping drinking around 9pm (so you don’t wake up because you have to pee!). The second two (eating, drinking) are both really hard for me to do. I tend to eat after dinner and I always have a big drink right before I sleep. I’d like to try this though and see if I feel any different.

Exercise of the day: Today Bobby and I walked together that same route I did the other day – up 5th Avenue next to Central Park. It was rather humid, but it was a nice walk. We just chatted and enjoyed this beautiful Fourth of July. Hope you are enjoying it too!

8 Replies to “Ketchup Versus Catsup”

  1. I love your omelette! so colorful!
    I do both eating and drinking before bed :(. I know it’s probably not good, but have no time to do before 8pm.
    have a great Sunday afternoon Maggie!

  2. just clicked over to your homemade ketchup…NICE! Not tons of garlic NOR the need to simmer/reduce for hours on the stovetop! Perfect!

    the scoby’s I have..I got 2. One from 2 different women. One woman’s bit the dust (ewww nasty) but the other lady’s worked and multiplied so now I have 2.

    Keep me posted if you make more any time soon!

    and your email…I got it, read it, need to try to respond and get something to you but cant promise…I can barely write my own posts these days LOL

  3. I looked at omelette photo for about five seconds and then immediately made my own version. 🙂 I used yellow squash instead of zucchini and left out the tomato (I ran out of tomatoes yesterday 🙁 ). Thanks for the recipe & inspiration!! 🙂

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