3 Tips for Eating Mindfully + Ciabatta Meals

Whether we are trying to lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain what we worked so hard to achieve, it is almost always a struggle to listen to our bodies and honor what they want. Here are three of my favorite tricks to be more mindful and intuitive about my eating.
  1. Scrap the diet. Diets don’t work. If you start labeling foods as “good” or “bad” you’ll set yourself up for bingeing, deprivation, and obsessing. Instead of cutting things out completely, start small and gradually improve you diet. Maybe that means eating one more salad each week, one less diet soda, or swapping fish for steak. Small steps over time add up.
  2. Avoid your triggers. If you know that you’re going to eat the whole box of cereal, don’t buy it. If you overexercise when you belong to a gym, schedule an appointment afterwards so you can only be there an hour (or ditch the gym altogether). Knowing yourself is key πŸ™‚ It only takes one moment of weakness to feel bad.
  3. Pamper yourself. If you feel great, you’ll want to keep feeling great – so go get that massage, facial, mani/pedi. By taking care of your body you’ll value it more (and you’ll value your health). Do (healthy) things that make you feel good, and hopefully those things will help you make healthier choices every day.

With my wedding coming up, I’m trying to be as relaxed around food as possible because I want to feel awesome on that very special day.

Yesterday’s lunch was this yummy ciabatta sandwich:

Ingredients: Ciabatta roll, organic tomatoes, herbed chevre goat cheese – grilled on Mr. George. I had a huge apple with it and it kept me full for 6 hours.

I also like rolls and bread for breakfast

This was a ciabatta roll grilled on Mr. George withΒ Miss Pam – then I spread it with guacamole from FreshDirect.

Thanks to these tips and lots of filling things like breads and fats, my stomach is flat and my pants are a little loose.

Exercise of the day: walking to and from work (2.8 miles total) + an exercise video TBD.

What’s your favorite food **right now**? I’m really digging sandwiches. Does that count?

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  1. Love this attitude! Before my wedding I was eating more on the go, at more events etc and had more bread, desserts, etc, and less veggies – I felt great and happy with my body on my wedding and enjoyed the events leading up to it so much more.

  2. George is my FAVOURITE! Love.

    Sandwich looks taaaassty. And I agree; if you KNOW yourself, you can really prevent those trigger foods from getting to you.

  3. Those rolls look fantastic, as I love pumpkin seeds and good bread, so put them together and it looks fantastic!

    Great tips as well, as I think that even though we know these things (our triggers) we sometimes forget or make excuses as to why we weren’t quite as mindful as we could be. It’s discipline, but not in the “diet” sense. Rather it’s discipline to do what we know is best, even if it’s not always the easiest.

    During this pre-wedding craziness and find some peace any way you can and enjoy every minute of the adventure!

  4. I’m new to your blog and find your attitude so refreshing (particularly while amidst wedding planning)! I, too, take the ‘everything in moderation’ attitude but decided to omit bread and chocolate from my diet two months before my wedding. UGH. What a drag. This resulted in crankiness and thinking about off-limit foods all. the. time. I will never do that again!

  5. How funny! I’ve been in a ciabatta sandwich phase myself. My recent favorite is sauteed spinach, bruschetta and lots of goat cheese…all pressed on the George Foreman πŸ™‚ This post was really inspiring. It’s so hard for most of us to just listen to our bodies, even though the are infinitely wise.

  6. I like the 3 points for eating mindfully.

    I’m really focusing on downsizing my salads as I tend to bulk them up. I know it’s just vegetables but there is no need to overeat.

  7. great tips maggie! i’m def trying to follow all of those!!!

    and i need to remove my trigger foods now that i think of it, or allow myself at least a little instead of making it always forbidden…

    my post for you is coming in a few days! i promise!

  8. Dang, I want my Trader Joe’s again! Those rolls look great!

    I like your tips. I’m still trying to chillax around food, but I’ve gotten better. Hehe, still won’t trust myself with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s though. I get it once a week from the Scoop Shop, and I’m satisfied.

  9. Maggie,

    I totally agree that you should relax about the food! Obviously, be mindful of what you are eating, but relax the rules a bit. I tried to diet for my wedding…not like I needed to, but I was miserable for a while and actually ended up binging more because I was depriving myself!

    Foods I’m loving right now: sauteed veggies topped with Don Sabrosa Salsa, nutritional yeast, and tahini. YUM!!


  10. Wow I will seriously be going to Trader Joe’s to get me some of THEM! Those rolls look delicious!! And I love your attitude – it’s a very healthy one to have, especiall with a wedding near (Congrats!)

  11. I love a big salad and all, but I’ve been going through the same thing! Like having two little squares of pizza when I go out sharing with somebody instead of stuffing myself with raw broccoli beforehand and not even ordering anything. I end up feeling better about myself AND enjoying myself. (When I used to eat my “safe” foods before going out I would always have a bad time anyway because I was so conscious of how stuffed/bloated I was. NOT fun!)

    Eat the damn ciabatta my friend! It’s so not even that much, I don’t why we worry so much.

    Sooo excited for you and your upcoming wedding. πŸ™‚ I’ve been thinking about you!

  12. My favorite food right now is cherries!!! I eat them all. day. long. And they really satisfy my sweet tooth in a way that many other fruits don’t! Now, if only they weren’t $5 a pound….

  13. I just bought these TJ’s Cibatta rolls and am loving them! I’m not a huge bread girl either, but sometimes, a good chewy roll is fantastic! πŸ™‚

  14. Thanks for the tips, Mags. You know I can relate to a lot of this, especially #2! I have almost stopped buying cereal entirely unless it’s for my husband (and even then, I don’t buy the kind I will eat).

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