Lilli & Loo Quickie (Review) + Froyo

Edited to add: When I published this post, I didn’t want to say why it was a “special night” yet – but now I can! We got married officially 3 days before our true wedding ceremony at City Hall in New York 🙂 So we went out to celebrate.


Tuesday night was a special night for various reasons, so we went out for dinner to celebrate. We ate near our apartment at Lilli and Loo – a cute little generic Asian restaurant. We split 2 dishes for dinner and then got dessert (but not at Lilli and Loo).

First was the papaya salad – unfortunately not impressive at all compared to what I’m used to. (My papaya salad recipe.) I’m picky about my papaya. It was pretty though:

It came with tomato, string beans, carrots, apples, and a chile-lime vinaigrette. I don’t think I’d get it again; it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.

Then we split “Spicy Thai Noodles“, which were the flat wide noodles, sauteed with pepper, onion, eggs, bean sprout, and spicy basil sauce. We chose shrimp as the meat!

This was fabulous. I am really into noodles recently.

And then for dessert we got a free “wild thing” frozen yogurt from Berrywild (frequent buyer’s card – I think it’s buy 10 froyos get a wild thing free). Two flavors – chocolate and passonfruit – and three toppings – oreos, mango, and strawberry. The froyo is hiding underneath.

Amazing. I love Berrywild.

Fantastic vegetarian (err, pescatarian) night. I haven’t eaten meat in a while… don’t know if I want to anymore.

Off to do errands… 2 days left!

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  1. Your frozen yogurt and noodles look very delicious. I’ve wanted to try papaya salad, but none of the Asian restaurants in my area serve it :(. I noticed I haven’t eaten meat hardly at all this summer. I think it’s a cross between the heat and discovering so many tasty veg recipes from cookbooks and the blogworld.

  2. you know, I never thought of combining oreos with fruit, but that sounds like it might actually work. I used to be a fro yo queen, but I’ve decided to give it up because it wasn’t all that healthy and made me bloated. Now I make my own at home.

  3. I just wanted you to know i’m thinking of you today!!!

    Takes lots of pics and jot down notes or in 10 years you won’t remember a thing! HA!

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