What’s Up Saturday – 8.21.10

Time for another best of the week post:



Media (this is usually books, but…)

  • I’ve been in a major funk all week and have not read. I have to snap out of it a bit.
  • So I give you Dishing Up Nutrition podcasts. These are super interesting. They are big fans of fats like butter, whole eggs, and veggies. The one thing I’m still on the fence about is their obsession with protein.  Has anyone listened to these or have any input? I’m really intrigued.
  • Great NYTimes article about why us 20-somethings are so lost. Long read, but worth it.

Useful Schtuff

That’s enough for now. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

What are your weekend plans?

15 Replies to “What’s Up Saturday – 8.21.10”

  1. oh! i’m so interested in reading that ny times article! thanks for posting it girl 🙂

    hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I saw on Facebook when you posted that article about 20-somethings being so lost today and it’s SO true! I don’t know a single person in their 20’s (myself included) that is doing well or is able to support themselves. Things completely fell apart for me and my boyfriend over money too. 🙁

    Missy is definitely right… I think people are INSANE for ordering a dessert and then taking only one bite… I mean WTF?!?!

  3. I’m wondering if I’m considered a healthy living blog, since I do love my fast food as well. Hm.

    I’m going off for a froyo, TJ, and Target run! 😀

  4. Thanks for sharing the 20-somethings article; I read it when you emailed it to me. Definitely interesting. I like to think I’m not floundering, but it is hard to be a 20-something right now, undeniably.

    Happy weekend!

  5. I really enjoy these saturday wrap-ups. Great stuff.
    I wish I had someone to go on a walk with also. I take one daily walk per day and it is quite boring…
    I just finished up The Chronicles of Narnia (all 7 books).
    I get in funks with reading too…I can read several books in a short time…then go forever with absolutely no mental capactity or concentration to read at all.

  6. This weekend has been so great for me! It started thursday with a veggie dog grill out for my friends Bday, slow morning with french toast yesterday, then yoga training followed by a Green Mixer and movie screening last night at a local coffee shop with owners of Houston’s “green” restaurants and farmer’s markets (and food too!), the fun continued today with another lazy morning reading by my pool, another yoga training sesh, pool party another friend invited me to where I met a ton of new people who I ended up hanging out with til pretty late. Tomorrow I have movie plans with them! 🙂

    I’m the same way about phones and keeping in touch with people in general, I always say I’ll catch up with emails later and then forget and never get around to it. BUT we’ll have to make an exception since I’ll be in NY from Sept. 14-19th and we have to get together!

  7. Thanks for all the links. I enjoyed Missy’s blog! When I tried to go to Kim’s, it didn’t work–hmm. Anyway, these types of post are neat because they help people find blogs they would not find otherwise. 😉

  8. wow so many great links!! thank you maggie! and a few new to me blogs, yay!

    your whole rant on email..girl. I get about 100 emails daily from my blog. comment notifications + readers emailing me. Plus the normal sponsors, companies, etc. Many days it’s more like 150. It’s a JOB! And people wonder why i put an autoresponder on my blog email that says ummm, im just one person, sorry if i dont get back to you. Or very timely. Glad to know im not alone in beginnning to hate email. And i NEVER answer my phone. It’s always on silent. And I am in stealth on Gmail chat, Buzz, etc..

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