Goal Setting

I’m in an ambitious mood today, so here we go. My goals for the next few weeks (I want to see at least slight changes in all these areas by mid-September… my 24th birthday):

Going to Sleep Earlier

I am not really a night owl by choice, but night after night I fall into bed at 1:30am or later, only to roll out of bed at 7am bemoaning my existence. I took a class on sleep with my friend Mel down at Brooklyn Brainery a few months ago (BB is awesome, check it out if you are in NYC) so I do know that sleeping is incredibly important!

Goal: I’m going to follow the usual tricks – 1) get up at the same time every day, 2) set a routine for night (read for 20 minutes starting at 11 to get me sleepy), and 3) do this for at least 10 days in a row to get in the habit. I think ideally you’d do more than 10 days, but that is a start.

Food Less, Live More

I want to talk about some other stuff on the blog – I like food, but it’s not good to think about it too much. Maybe this is me being more intuitive.

Goal: Blog about other stuff every week!

More Fitness Fun

Been slacking a little on fitness, but I’ve been getting in some walks. I try to do 5,000 steps a day on a low day. 10,000 is better! I usually hit that. I’d like to do some more yoga, too. It keeps me sane, even if it’s just 20 minutes a day.

Goal: 20 minutes of yoga a day 5 days a week + at least 8,000 steps a day.

More Music Fun

Sometimes I listen to a song that just makes me happy. One of my (current; there are many more) favorites is:

  • Defying Gravity – this is off of the Glee Soundtrack. Actually the entire soundtrack is mood boosting. At least it is if you are like me, and you were a music nerd back in high school 😉

Goal: find a new song every week and play piano for 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Were you a music nerd? Do ya miss it? I sure do. I have an audition for a choir tomorrow night, so I’m excited to (hopefully) have that back in my life. Favorite songs?

What are your goals for the next few months?

Are you good at following through on goals, or not so much? Why do you fail or succeed?

20 Replies to “Goal Setting”

  1. love your goals…they are pretty, mmmmmmmmm, my brain just flat-lined..but what I am trying to say is they are realistic.

    like your food goal. 3 meals, 2 snacks…don’t think about it.

    good for you. we all need a reset button once in a while.

    and YES, get some rest!

  2. I’m in an ambitious mood too. I love your goals 🙂 Sleep is highly UNDERrated and I try to get more constantly. It’s weird that even though I’ve been tracking my food more to try to gain weight, I haven’t really been thinking about it as much. It’s kind of freeing. I would like to be more motivated with fitness. I get lazy, or occupied with other things. I don’t think it’s a big priority for me, and I’m sort of OK with that. I don’t really know that I have any near-future goals. I’m happy. My goal is to not mess with that 😉

  3. Oh, the memories of chorus in high school…and middle school haha I’m a huge Gleek, so the Glee soundtrack is often on my running/exercise playlist 🙂

  4. Love this post.
    What time do you get up in the morning? I always am an early riser , though I go to bed quite late. I can’t sleep…horrible sleeper…horrible! To the point where I am considering gettting sleeping pills, becuase it is torturous.

    Is your job a 9-5 type of thing?

    I am so sick of talking about food too. I barely show pictures ever…and I have a 50-50 desire to bake things and show them, etc..then its like all the motivation drains from me, like i just dont’ care. Oh well, maybe that is just “my thing’ now. Thats okay…plenty of other bloggers fill the gap 🙂

  5. Love the goals; I can especially relate to the Not thinking about food. It is truly exhausting and I find myself wondering what all that energy could be used for if I simply thought about something else!

  6. i like these goals a lot!!! i have a few of the same goals – sleep more, think less about food, spend more time with friends and family, make an effort to do things that are lifegiving to me!

  7. I don’t have problem going to sleep early if I make sure to have 2 leisure hours before.
    I don’t think about food much more lately… it really works… you really can be free of obsession about it.
    goals for me? mmm….. it will be hard to go back to work at home on my thesis… but I’ll try to work 7 hours per day. We’ll see if I can do that.
    more goals? meet with friends more often. I’ve learned this summer how amazing is to be with close friends and meeting new friends! 🙂

  8. Personally, I love getting a good night’s sleep, and I usually can/do. When I’m not sleeping well, I know that I’m anxious or worried about something, and that’s okay, as long as it’s short-term. Staying up to 1:30 am = mental and emotional breakdown for me!
    I actually read something yesterday about NOT setting goals and how freeing it is, so it’s fun to come here and read about goal-setting. I tend to be pretty goal-oriented, but I also don’t stress out TOO much if I miss the mark. It’s nice to set high goals and learn from the experience of ‘failing’. Still, I also try to set attainable goals rather than pie-in-the-sky-ephemeral-dreams. I feel like those belong to a different category.

  9. Goal setting, thats something I procrastinate on a lot but need to go. It will keep me focused for sure. Happy almond birthday!

  10. Hey Maggie, love the updates. Also, I wanted to let you know that, thanks to you, I also LOVE kabocha squash. That stuff is delicious, and I probably never would have bought one if it wasn’t for your blog!

  11. Great goals! I am in bed by 9:30p every night but last night was 7:30 LOL!

    Yep, 3 meals 3 snacks for me and I don’t post them…usually.

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