What’s Up Saturday – 8.28.10

Lots of goodies for you this week.

Salad Roundup

Around the Web

  • The New York Times has a great article on the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis – Does Your Language Shape the Way You Think?
  • My old nutrition professor contributed to this new site: The Simple Skillet. It’s a free meal-planning website with grocery lists, recipes, nutrition info, and lots of other resources. I will send her any feedback you have!
  • Huffington Post article by a guy who traveled the world for 3 years. He learned a lot.


Food & Beauty

  • Have you heard of 7-Up Cake? I might try it.
  • Eden’s lessons from culinary school. Useful! And funny. (This is from a blog, but it goes here because it’s food.)
  • If you live in NYC, please use this awesome waxing place. I just found her this week. Cash/check only, tax & tip included.
  • Albina’s Spa has the best facial ever. It is a little bit pricey, but Albina is knowledgeable, explains everything she’s doing, and helps you figure out what you need to do to make your skin glow.

That’s about it! Do you have any Saturday finds for me?

9 Replies to “What’s Up Saturday – 8.28.10”

  1. Gee, I feel honored 🙂
    Glad you relate to the post….I’m working on it, cause unnecessary pressure leads to stress.
    I have to check out your other links.

    Love these “round up ” posts.

  2. My lessons useful? pheshhhh! I’m doing a post about lessons learned in treatment, in “Eden” nature, it will be funny (at least it will try to be…).

  3. Not into yoga myself lately :(.

    Love the “Less food, more Life”. True. True. True. Wise.

    I’ve read some of those posts around the blogosphere. I find the one about the pressures of blogging though at times to be hypocritical. The very people who often say this are the very people that are just putting the pressure on THEMSELVES. Noone else is telling them to do it or to be a certain way. They shouldn’t compare or feel angst. It’s often from their (and I include myself in this of course!) insecurities, guilts, etc.

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