Wordless Wedding Post {Wordless Wednesday}

(Almost) Wordless Wedding Wednesday.

Hope you enjoy these pictures as I do some maintenance work on the blog. Back tomorrow with real updates. And happy first of September. September is my birth month and my favorite month of the year. September’s birthstone is sapphire. To go along with wedding photos, here are some wedding links:

I still look at my pictures almost every day. And every day I am still as happy as I was over a month ago.

What makes you happy on this (almost) wordless Wednesday?

14 Replies to “Wordless Wedding Post {Wordless Wednesday}”

  1. I love all the pictures 🙂 The food spread looks great! And I love the picture of you in the ocean 🙂 So cool! Congrats, again 🙂
    I’m grateful and happy today (and every day) for my husband. It’s the most amazing thing to be in a supportive partnership 🙂 I don’t care if that sounds hokey.

  2. you look so happy! perfect wedding photos, really, it doesn’t looks like it came out of a sears catalog. looks real, genuine, and not to ritzy over the top! I’m a little bitter that i want there!

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