I’m not too old… {Birthday Post}

Today is my birthday. I have lived 24 years. A year ago I was living in Sunnyvale, California, making juices and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I don’t make juice anymore, but I’m still working on that second part. I have gained several things in the last year, including but not limited to: a husbandamazing friendships, new job experiences, a love of New York, and weight. That last one – I’m not so bothered by anymore. I am what I am, and that’s ok!

Another year older, another year wider wiser. Sometimes I feel like I am growing up too fast. Are we grown-ups already? Buying groceries, cooking dinner, paying bills, and worrying? We don’t stay out late partying (at least I don’t), and I don’t have any enough days where I just do nothing (nothing meaning read, play, and do other fun kid-like things).

Sometimes I even feel like I am too old for Facebook, but I think that’s just because I’m sick of Facebook. (I can’t wait to see The Social Network – I think my office is all seeing it together – we have a love/hate relationship with Facebook).


I am not too old! (And neither are you.)

I’m not too old to get giddy when my husband (who is also my best friend) takes me out for an early birthday dinner at Souen (this was Monday). I got Vegetable Curry with Brown Rice.

Bobby got Mabo Tofu with Brown Rice.

And we split a Vegan Kabocha Squash and Chocolate Chip Scone (this is like Maggie in dessert form – all of my favorites: kabocha, chocolate, scone).

That dessert put me in a wonderful mood, and Bobby even agreed that it was awesome. I gave him the smaller half (yes Dad, I know it’s not a half if it’s smaller!). And here are some more related dessert favorites:

I am not too old to break a habit OR to make a new one.

I am proving to myself that I can make new habits, and I am also working on breaking old ones. Yoga daily? You bet! Nighttime snacking? So gone.

I am not too old to act like a kid, or even eat like one.

I eat what I want, and sometimes it’s what I liked when I was little. Sometimes it’s not. I didn’t know about kabocha until I was 22, and I have to make up for all those lost years.

I am not too old to be spontaneous.

Like 2 weekends ago!

I can keep going…

I am not too old to make new friends.

I am not too old to still be young.

I am not too old to try new things.

I am not too old to have big dreams.

I am not too old at all, in fact!

What are you not too old for?

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  1. I love this post Maggie! Happy birthday!!! I love you~~~~ You’re so beautiful, so kind, so wise, so sincere, so true!!! I love you being you!!! Seriously~ I like you as a person who I feel secure to be with, a friend who I want to share everything, a companion to do mundane things together and a foodie to explore the endless varieties of food we have! I want to celebrate this day with you… although 15 days later! (yes, i’m going to visit you and Bobbon 9/30!)

    I’m 6 years older than you but I feel I’m not old to do any of things you just mention! And I’d add that we’re not too old to learn new qualities about ourselves, we’re not too old to change the way we used to be, we’re not too old to be silly sometimes ( I think being silly and doing things that others would judge you as immature is actually a manifestation of being mature. )

    Love you~~ 😀

  2. Happy Birthday!!!
    You’re NEVER too old to do something that makes you happy, unless it’s wearing Boy Band T-shirts and Daisy Dukes at age 55 or something. You’ve had quite a year and I wish you health and happiness in your 25th!


    I think I want to eat “A Maggie in Dessert Form” today in your honor. Gives me an excuse to go buy a kabocha. 🙂

    Vegetable curry from Souen looked amazing – gosh, I know I would LOVE that place.

    Again, I know I keep saying this, but you just sound so happy in all of your posts lately. I hope you have a wonderful birthday with your best friend. 🙂
    P.S. I can’t wait to see The Social Network either!


    But woah… last year feels like decades ago. I even went to re-read your post (I commented there too xD). So much has changed since then…

    I’m going to go ponder the passing of time now, but you have a great day! 😛


  5. Happy Birthday Maggie!!! You must take me to Soen! And so many other places haha, gosh, I don’t know how I’m going to fit in all the eating I need to do here! I went to Josie’s last night and it was amazing.
    I’m also going to update your yoga page. I’m loving the new habits and happen to be gaining several of the same ones 🙂
    and 24 is so not old because if it is, then I’m really old with you!

  6. Happy Birthday Maggie! I love this. Especially, because helllooo you’re 24, you’re not old even in the slightest little bit!
    Enjoy your day my dear, enjoy your week, enjoy your year.

  7. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day today. I read your blog all the time, but I don’t know that I’ve ever said hello…so Hello! 🙂 I love your simple quote of “I am what I am, and thats ok!” I want to get this plastered all over everything! Take care!

  8. Happy Birthday Maggie!!!

    wow what a year you have had. I remember your juices! (they looked amazing )

    and gosh I hope you really aren’t feeling old yet. I am 40 and don’t think it’s time to feel old yet! I don’t think we should EVER lose that young feeling! EVER.
    If our hearts are beating it’s still not too late to live some adventure!

    I am breaking the night-time snacking habit too! no good!

    have a wonderful day and an amazing 25th year.
    much love!

  9. Happy Birthday! It’s really more about how old you feel instead of the number. Number, schmumber! I’ve got a decade on you and don’t really feel any older than when I was a teenager. Keep playing and keep posting! The curry looks great but the scone is making my mouth water 🙂 I heart kabocha too!

  10. Happy birthday to you!!! You are DEFINITELY not too old to do anything you damn well please 🙂 That’s for sure. I still feel like I’m a teenager, most days (except when my back hurts – ha). I think all of us is “figuring it all out” no matter our age. That’s the fun 🙂 As for me, I’m not too old to get excited for ice cream, to have nap time, to skip…

    PS I can’t wait to see “The Social Network” too! You’ll probably see it before me so tell me what you think!

  11. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of my favorite quotes, which I only discovered recently, is this:

    “It’s never too late to become what you might have been” ~ George Eliot


  12. Happy Birthday.
    I’m hoping I’m not too old for anything yet. 29 years old now and so rock-bottom , most can’t even imagine, I have far far to go…so I hope that age is not going to be an issue,,,cause it will take time 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday, Lovely!
    Your place in Sunnyvale looked adorable. Our place is not nearly as cute. I should have checked our your condos before we moved!
    I am not too old for a fresh start 🙂
    Hope it’s a great day!

  14. Happy Birthday Maggie!!! (I know, very original)
    I just wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me. I think I have a long road ahead of me in this whole intuitive eating journey, but you really give me a lot of hope. And you dedication and love of yoga warms my heart. You have not had an easy road yourself, but you blog is always brimming with positivity! Have a wonderful birthday and you’ll be getting a little something shortly!
    PS, I think you never to old to use kids toothpaste! Where else can I get glitter and cool flavors in my toothpaste?

    1. @Eden: Thanks! That means a lot to me. I love kids toothpaste, but I haven’t used it in ages. I will have to get some, because it was yummy. (And sparkly.)

  15. I’m not too old to go to McD’s and order two soft-serve cones, one right after the other. And wash them down with a Happy Meal order of McNuggets.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Maggie! I’m so glad you’re born, because you make a lot of people happy. 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday Maggie!! This is such a beautiful, great post!

    Hmm.. my not too old for today is a kid’s L tee I have on! I hated all the women’s options at a gift shop while on vacation this summer – so I sauntered over to the kid’s section where the options were WAY cuter and bought one! teehee!

  17. I am not too old to finish writing the novel that I started when I was 12, get it published, and become a millionaire (like J.K. Rowlings). I am not too old to dream the impossible dream because one day, it could be possible if I just believe. And I am not too old to continue losing weight by eating healthily. 😉

    That aside, Happy Birthday! 24 is not old at all, TRUST me. The customers that I tend to always ask me, “When does school start up again for you?” and when I say, “I graduated already…” they go, “Really?! Nooooooo. IMPOSSIBLE! You look like you’re 16!” Which should really be an insult but really I just look at them and go, “God I love you.” 😀 Happy Birthday once again! <3

  18. Happy Birthday!! It’s my birthday too 🙂 Although I’m a bit older than you are…hahaha…..maybe I’ll get sick of Facebook too one day. I do get annoyed at it sometimes….but then I go back to it and it’s all good. Nah, you’re never too old!

  19. No, you are not too old! Haha, if we’re judging by things like buying groceries and paying bills I have you beat. I’m 22 and I’ve been buying diapers for 3 years for 2 separate babies. We’re not too old for anything though 😀 Happy b-day!

  20. i know i am late to the party, but happy birthday!!! we are never too old! my mom just turned 58 on monday and she has taught me that 🙂 great post!

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