What’s Up Saturday – 9.18.10

Roundup time! I had an awesome birthday week, and I am so happy to bring you some of my favorites on this beautiful morning 🙂 I don’t know why I’m in such a fantastic mood (yes I do), but I am, and I’m rolling with it.

Highlights of My Week

Blogland – New Finds and Favorite Posts

Other Internet Stuff

I am off to convince Bobby to go to brunch with me… At Souen. Do you think he’ll go for a third time this week? Can I use the excuse that it’s still my birthday week? I’m going to. I will be back tomorrow with my Project Food Blog post.

What are your favorites from the week and what are you doing this weekend?

13 Replies to “What’s Up Saturday – 9.18.10”

  1. Happy birthday! (once again! you do know it lasts a week? right?)
    Thanks for that copyblogger one! It looks really interesting.

  2. I love your what’s up saturdays — btw, I was very honored to be mentioned last week. I have kind of had a downer of a week and very emotional posts lately, I suppose. But I AM looking forward to the many happy things going on in my life. Namely, this weekend, spending time with USB. 🙂

    Happy weekend! And I love your yoga challenge. I would totally be doing it alongside you if I didn’t have this little thing called marathon training going on right now…

    1. @Caronae: I always enjoy your posts, whether they are down or not. And even when your posts are on the down side, they usually end with a very positive vibe 🙂

  3. A belated happy birthday! I’ve been seeing a lot of pro-corn syrup commercials lately, that wax poetic about the simple goodness of the stuff. In my mind, it’s kind of like greenwashing (corn-washing?) – just as there’s no such thing as clean coal, there’s minimal possibility that corn syrup can be considered part of a healthy diet.
    Also – thanks for the link to Eating for Living – a new blog to enjoy!

  4. I love the picture! I had such a great time in NY this week, I can’t wait to move there!! I ate at some amazing places, made wonderful friends, enjoyed walking everywhere, and got a chance to work on really letting go/ going with the flow.
    I had a great time talking to you, I really think we could have kept chatting all night had the Good Health Cafe workers not started cleaning up around us haha.
    I’m off to update your yoga page.

    ps. your latest post on why you’re a food blogger —> :::chills!:::

    1. @Gaby: Thanks!! I had a great time hanging out too, and I hope you move here soon. Can’t wait to go back to Good Health and Souen 🙂

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