Why I Am A Food Blogger {Project Food Blog}

This fall one of my favorite organizations, Foodbuzz, is putting on a contest called Project Food Blog. Over the next 12 weeks a group of 2000 bloggers will be whittled down to one lucky winner based on different food blogging challenges. The first challenge: ย to create a post that defines me as a food blogger and shows why I have what it takes to be the next food blog star. The post should come from the heart and be true to me and my blog.

Every single post I write comes from the heart. I am passionate about food, and about sharing food, and about creating new recipes. I’m also passionate about being healthy. For me, being healthy does not mean eating salads and tofu all day and running every morning. To me, being healthy means practicing moderation in all things. So when I am craving a cookie I have it, but if I have been eating cookies every day, I know when it’s time to take a break. I may use a lot of butter in my cooking, but you better believe that that butter is (usually) used for roasting veggiesย and making stir-frys. Intuitive eating is all about moderation.

Check out:ย Some Of My Favorite Stir Frys (each word is linked to a different recipe)

Roasted Veggies for Organic Bi Bim Bap

I haven’t always been good at moderation – it’s been a long journey. Now you won’t find fake stuff on my blog – I don’t do Splenda (anymore) and I am certainly not a fat-free yogurt kind of girl. I eat real food, and I share my real food adventures. I eat intuitively but I’m honest when that is hard for me. The most important person in my life taught me a lot about moderation and intuitive eating.

Marriage and Food Intuition

So why do I have what it takes? I think first I have to answer the question, “who am I?”

I am a food blogger. I am also a wife, a daughter, a sister, a mother to 2 fat cats (aptly named Couscous and Kabocha), a social media strategist, a marketer, a web developer, a singer, a yogi, a writer, a linguist, and a person. And other things.

My blog is a food blog, but it is so much more than that to me. I have always loved food. I will always love food. I love healthy food, but I also love things like butter and whipped cream. A day does not go by that I don’t enjoy dessert in some form or another. My blog records things that make me happy and things that I enjoy. My blog is about trying anything – which means eating everything from chunky natural peanut butter, to firm squeezed tofu, to rich and satisfying steak and bacon, to crispy fall apples, to fluffy pancakes, to fresh summer salads, and even some fast food (occasionally); and it means walking a lot, because that’s what our bodies were made to do; and it means working passionately; and it means living and loving passionately.

My Apple Picking Adventure

My blog is about practicing moderation in all things, whether that is moderation in chocolate, moderation in broccoli, moderation in exercise, or maybe just moderation in being moderate. Moderate eating = intuitive eating.

I blog out of passion, not to be successful (though that would be nice someday!). I love food and sharing food. I’m just me and I am happy if just one person finds a recipe of mine that they like, or if I inspire someone. Blogging is exciting for me. I work hard on the blog and I enjoy it. I hope you do too! Over time my blog has evolved (as have I), and I have learned so much – all of which I try to share with you, dear readers! Every time a comment pops into my inbox I smile; when I hear that you tried my recipe and liked it I get warm and fuzzy inside.

My blog is raw and honest at times, just like me. It’s about my life and my life through food, and life is not always perfect.

Nothing is perfect, nor should it be.

Tomorrow I will share a healthy recipe for coconut breakfast cookies in typical Monday fashion. Have a lovely Sunday. (I will remind you how to vote for me tomorrow too!)

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  1. What a great post! I’m also participating in Project Food Blog ๐Ÿ˜€ The first challenge was a great one, and I got to read about so many other bloggers. It’s just nice to see that so many hearts are truly in it, you know?

    XOXO best of luck!

    p.s. checked out the breakfsat cookie recipe–yum!

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