Say Yes to Butternut Oat Bran Breakfast

I bring my breakfast and lunch to work on most days. It is easy for me to do, and it definitely saves me money. But sometimes I don’t like eating my oatmeal at my desk, so I allow some extra time in the morning to enjoy my breakfast at home. Which is what I did today.

01 butternut protein oat bran

Roasted butternut protein powder oat bran.

Oat bran will always be my favorite breakfast grain; oatmeal is certainly delicious but you just can’t top the goodness that oat bran is. The ingredients / method for this bowl:

  • Cook 3/4 cup oat bran in 2.25 cups water (3 to 1 ratio) over very low heat with a dash of salt; let this simmer for a long time (20 minutes or so) to get it creamy, thick, and voluminous. (3/4 cup is the “heart healthy” serving.)
  • Add in 1 scoop of protein powder towards the end of cooking the oat bran.
  • Freeze oat bran for 10-20 minutes to make it even thicker.
  • Top with roasted butternut squash.

02 butternut protein oat bran I enjoyed this with a warm cup of NuNaturals-sweetened tea (don’t forget about the 15% off stevia coupon!).

Off to work now; what is your favorite fall breakfast?

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16 Replies to “Say Yes to Butternut Oat Bran Breakfast”

  1. I also eat breakfast at work, but I love weekends when I can wake up and make a hot bowl of oats with almond milk and a variety of add-ins. My favorites for fall are tahini, pumpkin with pumpkin pie spice or almond butter and banana (Not all four of those together of course.)

    While I like oat bran, I find it much too filling. That might sound odd, but I swear I could eat a bowl of oat bran in the morning and still be full at night. It’s like glue 😉

    1. @Abby: Yes, definitely filling, but I like the way it makes my tum feel 😉 I always enjoy weekends when I either go out for brunch or make a nice meal myself. It puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day! I will have to try tahini on oats – I never have had it before.

  2. I eat my breakfast at work, too. Usually it is some kind of greek yogurt mess because it’s easy and portable. Like Abby, I find that oat bran makes me way too full. I do love hot oatmeal or brown rice with some milk and dried fruit when I have extra time. And for a really special breakfast, I have my hubs make me his semi-famous cornmeal pancakes and I top them with some agave and tahini and some berries. Delish!

    For fall, any kind of roasted root veggie has my name on it 🙂

  3. I love squash in unconventional dishes! I’ve been mad about delicata squash lately, I’ve used it in cookies, with greek yogurt and honey, and even ice cream! I have a big bag of oat bran, but I’ve never cooked it like oatmeal, I just use it in muffin and pancake recipes. Isn’t just ground up oatmeal?

    1. @Eden: No idea! I don’t think so because oat bran has more fiber and more protein though. I googled it but the answers just confused me.

  4. I’m not an early morning eater, so I usually eat while working, too.

    My favorite breakfast atm is a green smoothie with spinach, berries, almond milk, cinnamom, basil, and either banana or apple. It’s not so much of a fall breakfast actually, I could have it on other seasons as well. Maybe I should try a pumpkin smoothie!

    Kabocha and Hokkaido are my favorite ones. 😀

  5. I love that you appreciate orange vegetables as much as I do! They can and should be used in all kinds of dishes. I just made a really unconventional quesadilla type snack made by putting a crap ton of peanut butter (it’s a formal measurement in Gaby cooking) a large slightly phallic carrot from the Asian market grated in, and plum jelly, sandwiched b/w two tortillas and toasted up in a pan.
    I don’t know if I have a specific fall favorite. I love texture though so I usually opt for thick rolled oats or things like barley. But I still crave crunch so I have to top that with granola. I love putting bananas in there, raisins, cinnamon, or berries. Lately I’ve been getting mango so I do mango, coconut milk and coconut flakes with yogurt and granola. I also recently tried a breakfast polenta and it was so good! I accidentally tripled the serving size so it was really voluminous too lol.

    1. @Angela: I can’t remember at the moment but I think I just did a little bit of soy sauce + rice vinegar and peanut oil. (Peanut oil gives roasted veggies the BEST flavor.) I did roast it the night before. It was hard not to eat it all right then too.

  6. I often have to toss something together before class, but it’s nice taking the time to leisurely prepare breakky.

    Thanks so much for adding me!

    Oooh, I have some kabocha. Maybe it’ll sneak into my breakfast tomorrow!

  7. helllllz yah maggie! 😉

    since i grew kabocha in my garden this year, that is my oats squash of choice. i love it with cranberries. sometimes chocolate.

    apples are good right now. i really dont like apples outside of this season, but they are in my oats every autumn.

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