I Can’t Budget

**Update: I have since quit the gym… I will stick to my walking and occasional yoga!**

Last night I joined a gym.


I know, I said it was expensive. I said it wasn’t worth it. But then someone that I talk to about my problems told me that maybe I should just try it, and see if it makes me happy. And Bobby agreed. So I popped over and signed up. And so far I am very happy! You see, I have this problem – I need to constantly have some kind of mental stimulation or else I get bored and irritable and do things I regret. I also need to have a reason to get out of my house aside from work and the occasional dinner date during the week.

Back to last night though – I did 2 classes. I was actually feeling sick yesterday (I even worked from home because I didn’t feel well in the morning) but by nighttime I’d started feeling better, and I hadn’t left the house and was feeling antsy – so I went over (it’s just a few blocks away).

Delicious Veggie Dinner

You know after a great refreshing workout like that that I had to nourish myself. I met Bobby up at Good Health Cafe (which I posted about yesterday too) and got the macro plate (beans, rice, tofu, seaweed, steamed veggies, with the most amazing ginger-carrot dipping sauce). It’s vegan and macrobiotic. This was huge.

It came with a salad, too. Bobby got some delectable pepper-seitan dish over rice. The sliced oyster mushrooms were the best part. Also vegan and macrobiotic.

We shared (meaning that I ate most of) dessertblueberry apple pie. Vegan, but not macro – it had agave nectar in it which I don’t think counts as macrobiotic.

This was so good – not overly sweet, with perfectly buttery oaty crumbles. (It was vegan, so it clearly was not butter.)

Today’s Tips

  • Enter my giveaway! It’s a big gift certificate good for *anything* at CSN stores. There are a lot of ways to enter and you can probably buy just about anything with it 🙂
  • Do some yoga.
  • Sometimes expensive things are worth it if they make you happy; don’t spend your life saving never to use those savings. Put them towards something that’ll improve your quality of life.

Happy Friday! Do you have weekend plans? I have a choir retreat on Saturday but aside from that I have no idea what I’m doing.

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  1. you’ll see that it worths the $$. I love my gym! It’s my rescue 😉
    I want to go to that cafe! ~~~ It looks so my kind of meal!

  2. Yes, Bobby’s dish definitely looked delectable as did yours…as did that blueberry apple pie. 🙂

    I’m glad you went for the membership Maggie, and it sounds like you’re taking full advantage of it already. I don’t think I knew you did ballet for 10 years, but I’ve always thought you looked like a dancer. So tall, lean, and graceful. 🙂

    Hope you and Bobby have a wonderful weekend! Off to follow your advice and so some yoga.

  3. I also can’t afford it at all but I decided that if I am going to spend money on anything, it should be for my health. I finally look forward to going to the gym! We will have to take class together next week! P.S Thank you again!

  4. You will really enjoy your membership. You know I’ve been a gym rat since I was 22…a good sweaty workout is good for so many things. I remember reading a quote from Jane Fonda (an exercise guru from my era!). She said that no matter what happens in your life, no matter what you are going through…there is always class. I found that to be very true. For that hour or two you are totally in the moment and I think that’s a really good thing. And honestly, don’t be offended, but when I was pregnant I was miserable except for the time I spent taking class…it really helped me get through (and was good for you babies too!)

  5. I belong to equinox (hence Renee Zellweger is my “gym buddy”). But you know, it really helps me out with my exercise disorder stuff. First off, everyone knows you and so its like if I overexercise, they know and will approach me. Second, i find their weights a lot less intimidating then in other gyms. Third, lots of gay men (at leas in LA) so it doesn’t bother me that i look like crap. Have you thought about joining Yoga Works? thats where I got certified and now i teach there!

  6. That pie looks delicious!
    I’ve really been wanting to do a ballet-style workout of some kind, but I don’t know where to start. I’m glad you splurged on something you enjoy. I’ve realized lately that I don’t have it in me to restrict much anymore. I know what makes me happy and I’m more willing to spend for it. Enjoy 🙂

  7. I’ve been flirting with an expensive gym membership for months now! The monthly payment is high, but it’s also the initial fee that kills me! The ballet bar class sounds great though…I wonder if it’s anything like the bar class I take right now (The Dailey Method).

    1. @Lara: Check to see if yours is running a special for $19 initiation this month. That’s what I got!! And if you refer me I will get a gift certificate 😉 And that would be awesome.

    1. @melissa: Heh – I am neither. I just love macro and vegetarian/vegan food. I don’t much meat; when I do I try to eat free-range/organic but that’s not always possible.

  8. Spending money on a good gym is totally worth it imo 🙂 I so miss ballet! I would love to do classes again.
    I really need to get into Yoga too, I know I will love it. There are a lot of average classes near me, though. I want good hardcore Yoga (I would need to be really beginner though).
    p.s. That dessert looks scrumptious!
    Heidi xo

  9. You have to get me a guest pass next time I go! I think from the sound of those classes, it would be something I’d invest in too. Or do you know if they’re looking for teachers? I’ll have to get really good 🙂 I did ballet forever too but also much preferred my modern and jazz classes but I gave it up for a long time and went back freshman year of college and realized that while it’s boring it gives you such a strong foundation to do anything else.

    I also haven’t had breakfast yet and my stomach growled at the sight of that macro plate haha, I will need to order that next time. The blueberry pie was my favorite dessert from there! I love any crumbly oat topping! Next time try the lemon mousse cheesecake and tell me how it is.

  10. I’m glad you allowed yourself a splurge that you feel really good about and that makes you happy. Congrats!

    It’s kind of like eating fat, isn’t it? PB2 is good and all, but it’s nothing like real peanut butter. So if your body/mind/soul is craving something, the YMCA/fitness DVDs will be okay, but won’t fulfill your need.

    Or is that too much of a stretch? 🙂

    1. @Betherann: NOT too much of a stretch! It’s very true. All the videos and walking haven’t given me what I need and I think I’m finally getting it cuz I feel great 🙂

  11. Finally de-lurking to say how inspiring your posts are, even the photos of your food– they immediately kick-start veggie cravings!

    I like how your post was about making worthwhile investments in one’s good health. An ounce of preventive “medicine” really is worth a pound of cure.

  12. How can I budget easy? I failed at manual entry spreadsheets and keeping up with my bank account transactions is what I need. Any software out there that is affordable and able to import my bank transactions? That would be the way I would be able to keep up and trend what in the world is going on with my spending.
    Thanks everyone.

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