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I’m not sure if I will have a long post for you today; I have a ton to do at work and later today a best friend is coming to stay with me. She’ll be here until Saturday. Tonight we are both going to concerts (I’m going to the Belle & Sebastian one in Williamsburg) and then we are going to have lots of fun tomorrow (facials!) and Saturday. Hoping to take her toΒ my gym at least once.

Speaking of my gym, these are the classes I’ve taken since my last update:

  • Tuesday: Yoga. I love this class and I am going to try to take it once a week. I would take it more but I’m pretty sure he does the same flow for all classes in a set week, and I like to vary it a bit more.
  • Wednesday: Vinyasa Yoga. This was a really interesting flow – I will probably go back to see what else he comes up with. It wasn’t a sweaty flow at all, but it was a cool combination of poses.
  • Thursday (today): Cardio Sculpt. Awesome class! Just enough cardio and weights for my liking (it was only 45 minutes) – I did not walk away wanting to die but I did get in a great workout and was very sweaty.

I am off to work. I also have to do a quick clean sweep of my house before my guest gets here tonight.

What’s your favorite workout class?

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  1. well i haven’t been to a gym in ….5 years! however, when i did go my fave class was a spin session. the instructor was very motivating! i work out at home now and i rotate between my stationary bike/treadmill (my parents didn’t want it so i moved it to my house), 30 day shred and yogadownloads. i’m fitter now than i was when i belonged to the gym go figure haha

    1. @melissa: that’s awesome! yeah, I definitely manage to stay fit when I don’t have a gym membership via walking/dvds/netflix. I am currently loving this gym though πŸ™‚ it’s the first time I’ve ever paid for a membership (I’ve only done free trials in the past).

  2. I love reading all of your class reviews! I went to Zumba last night and loved it! I went to Barre Burn today and loved it too! On and I am still an intensati addict haha.

  3. Have a ton of fun with your friend this weekend! πŸ˜€

    I miss spinning classes – my new gym charges $10 a class! πŸ™

    Happy Friday Maggie!

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