What’s Up Saturday – 10.2.10

Today is almost a palindrome! 10-02-2010 –> 1002::2010. It’s close. I’m so glad the weather is finally getting fall-like. I will be sad in a few weeks when it starts getting too cold though.

Today is also one of my best friend’s birthdays – Happy Birthday Mel!

And today is also another round of What’s Up Saturday. In case you’ve been wondering how I get my cool links, here’s the scoop – my awesome husband sends me lots of articles during the week in addition to all the blogs that I read and I post my favorites here.

In Salad News…

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Other Cool & Fun Stuff

I also got a hair cut today after Coco left. It’s short-ish! Bobby hates it when I cut my hair short because he loves my hair long. I love it short though – it was so annoying growing it out for the wedding. Now that we are married I can cut it short and he is stuck with me. Hehehe. Just kidding – kind of.

What’s up for you this Saturday? This weekend? Any good stuff to share?

We are about to head out to dinner at this place. Tomorrow my plans are up in the air aside from the workouts I’m going to try. Then it’s back to work on Monday, though I may try to get in a few hours of work this weekend too.

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  1. I’m with Averie…I just read, like, every single link here. 🙂 And liked them all!

    I especially enjoyed the “gut health” post and the “are you getting enough protein (yes!)”article. My thoughts on protein consumption are complicated by two things:

    1. I’m insulin-resistant and
    2. I am an endurance athlete.

    I’m still working out my thoughts on how macronutrients work for ME and probably always will be. I do believe, however, that macronutrient needs can vary distinctly from person to person, even amongst healthy people of a similar size. It’s interesting stuff!

    This weekend has been busy and tiring for me! and I haven’t even started the homework, lol!

    1. @caronae: yay! I love hearing that 🙂 I hope you can figure out your protein req’s. I actually read a Women’s Health article recently that said endurance athletes really don’t need much more than people who are not training, but I cannot find the article with the exact numbers! I don’t know much about insulin resistance though. So let me know if you learn more because I’m curious now.

  2. You always have the best roundups! You must come to visit me in LA so I can take you to my equinox classes! So much fun! I’m hoping to get hired to teach yoga there!

    1. @Eden: That would be such a cool job! If I’m ever in LA I will go to the gym with you 🙂 I hope the showers in LA are as nice as they are in NY.

  3. I bet you look adorable with your new haircut! Hope we get to see it soon. What IS it with men and long hair?? My boyfriend shares Bobby’s hair philosophy.

    1. @Yvonne: I don’t know!! Bobby admitted today that he likes the way my hair looks more now, but he misses being able to grab my hair, lol.

  4. Mags, the shower may be better…I dont remember the last time I showered at home! I go there and skip the workout sometimes and just shower!

  5. I liked the “live forever” article. It reminded of that story/film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

    Haha, my hair looked SOOOO much better when I got it properly cut. It had gotten long and kind of scraggly. Going shorter made it fluffy again!

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