Family, Salads, Documentary, Flowers, Dessert, and Zumba (!)

This post is full of random.

Family Time

Last night after work I headed home and found my brother waiting in the cafe under my apartment. I like being with family; I’m glad that I get to see him a couple times a month. I miss the rest of my family and Bobby’s family too. Luckily we will be hosting Bobby’s parents later this month, which we are both excited for. We want to take them out to all of our favorite places. These are my siblings now (left to right: sis, bro, me, bobby, sis-in-law):

Salad Time

The cafe downstairs was having $1 off salad day yesterday so that is what I had for the first course of my dinner. I said “tofu” but the guy heard “tuna“, so that was my main ingredient. I should accidentally order tuna more often; this was delicious. It also had: egg whites, portobello mushrooms, mandarin oranges, olives, grapes, apples, broccoli, sprouts, roasted peppers, regular peppers, beets, tomatoes, and I can’t even remember what else. It has unlimited toppings so I get pretty much everything. I get the chipotle ranch dressing on the side (but I use the whole thing).

Mind Over Money

I ate my salad while watching a Nova documentary called Mind Over Money. If you are an economist (Coco) or if you just enjoy learning, check it out. It talks about the debate between behavioral and traditional (more rational) economics, and basically says that humans don’t act rationally when it comes to money – we are irrational and very much influenced by our emotions. It talks about the (in)efficiency of markets, why the crash in 2008 might have happened (and why economists didn’t predict it), the housing bubble, the tulip bubble of the 1600s, decision making, and more. I really enjoyed it. I double majored in econ and math so this was right up my alley.

We have Netflix and I watched the documentary streaming on my computer (we can watch Netflix streaming on the TV too using Bobby’s XBox). We don’t get cable and I don’t watch TV aside from Netflix documentaries anymore. And Hoarders.

Flowers for Sanity

I read somewhere that keeping flowers in the house helps keep you happy and healthy. I like them because they are a little bit of nature right in my Manhattan apartment. These are from Trader Joe’s and they were just $3.99. Good deals make me happy too 🙂

Dessert Snack Time

I never have “just a salad” for dinner and tonight was no exception. I don’t usually like nut butter, but I was in a nutty mood last night so I spread a large Trader Joe’s blueberry muffin with probably too much peanut butter and savored it. I don’t have a picture though. It wasn’t that pretty but it sure was toothsome, sapid, and titillating. There are some good vocab words for you!

And… Zumba!

I went to a gym class and I ran into Missy! We chatted and then did class together. I have been to better Zumba classes though – the instructor last night was very repetitive and too fast.

Do you have any random things to share?

16 Replies to “Family, Salads, Documentary, Flowers, Dessert, and Zumba (!)”

  1. I’ll definitely check out the documentary, sounds interesting 😉

    random thing? last night I run 10 miles and slept 10 hours 😉

  2. I like documentaries, I’ll have to check that out. I have a whole on Demand channel on my cable with documentaries.

    And another hoarder t.v. show lover – no wonder I like you! 😀

    1. @Biz: So apparently “Obsessed” is on Netflix now and I will have to watch that one too 😀 I also like “Intervention”.

  3. we watch those kinds of documentaries all the time (well the hubs does) and he summarises it for me…I don’t always get it…don’t have your sharp mind..and UM…chasing JJ doesn’t help either.


    love pretty flowers. they make me happy too!

    and THAT SALAD..whoa. killer..

    plus I love your pic of your sibs (how is jules doing????)
    miss her blog!

    1. @Cindy: She’s doing well! She’s a senior this year. She says she doesn’t have time to blog 🙂 I hope she starts up again sometime though.

  4. That salad looks divine, Maggie!! Yummy. I think I might have to create one like that for myself this weekend. 🙂
    Zumba sounds fun, although I am highly uncoordinated, so I think I would totally embarrass myself. I can barely manage to do my cardio Pilates DVD properly. 😉 Some of the poses/movements are ridiculous for me to execute–I think I’m just not meant to move in certain ways or something!

  5. Cute photo! And the tuna salad looks to die for. I would have ordered it on purpose. I tried some tofu last week (the second time) and didn’t much care for it. It was sauteed, but I don’t think that they pressed it or maybe didn’t use extra firm? I’d try it again though.

    Random? I came out injury free while making a loaf of bread, and even sliced it with out any problems! It was toasting a slice that got me. I now have a gross looking burn on my left wrist- not painful, just ugly.


  6. Hey Mags! I wish I lived in NY already or closer because I miss talking to you but am really bad at online forms of communication haha. I will def watch that documentary, it appeals to the nerd in me. And I watch netflix movies streaming all the time by using my parents account :X This week has been so busy, I think my free time this weekend will also be spent catching up on all the new tv shows. I watched “The middle” during lunch today.
    Hmm, I’m trying to think of the random this week. I went to a Define class here today that’s exactly like corefusion because the guy that started it here used to work at Exhale spa. I may have mentioned him, he’s beautiful, and I’m a little obsessed, but he has a boyfriend :\ Still an awesome guy though.
    Also, random but terrible, read my latest yelp review (are we friends on there?) for the biggest ripoff in veterinary history. I’m mad and slandering this woman all over the internet.
    And I did something majorly awesome and so out of character for me today. I asked out a guy at a big business expo this morning! He was at the booth for his air and space company that works with NASA, and I had done my businessy thing and talked to him but thought he was cute. Then I turned into a giggly, prepubescent nervous wreck and texted my friend back and forth for about 15 minutes before going back to talk to him and slipping him my cell number on a post it before I left. He sent me a message soon after saying he was glad I came back because he wouldn’t have been able to say anything with his coworkers there ::::BLUSHING::::::: 🙂

    Oh! And I need to talk to you about a trip to DC! We’ll discuss soon. Hope you have a good Friday/ weekend!

  7. I had a muffin slathered with nut butter for breakfast! I think that maybe I can overlook your nut butter aversion and we can still be friends. 😉

    Random musings: my tummy heart this reason for no reason at all (I didn’t eat anything weird) and I think it was just stress and it annoyed me very much. End of ransom musing.

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