(Vegetarian Food Photo) Housekeeping!

Did anyone else laugh hysterically at that “housekeeping” scene in Tommy Boy?

[Richard knocks on the door impersonating the maid while Tommy tries to sleep]
Richard Hayden: Housekeeping. You want mint for pillow?
Tommy: Please go away let me sleep, *for the love of God.*

The rest of the joke is not appropriate for this blog. But you can find it on IMDB.

I am doing some photo housekeeping, so I’m going to share a whole mess of meals that I’ve eaten and wanted to share, but haven’t found the right post yet.

First up is a vegetarianΒ rice bowl from The Pump Energy Food. It was a base of rice, topped with tofu, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed summer squash, cheddar, and sweet potatoes. It was great! Very filling. Pump is right by my office so this should be a regular in my lunch rotation (it’s not, but only because I bring my lunch most days and Subway’s $5 foot-longs are my other go-to lunch option).

The next few dishes are all from Peacefood Cafe on the upper west side. Bobby and I have been here a few times and we always enjoy it. This time (gosh, I think it was over a month ago) was for a late lunch (almost dinnertime).

I got the roasted vegetable dish. You get to pick 4 veggies, so I got kabocha (duh), cauliflower, summer squash, and Brussels sprouts. I spray it with Bragg’s liquid aminos. Peacefood is generous with their oil for roasting, but it makes the dish even better. Topped with sprouts.

Bobby got a kabocha sandwich with jicama sticks on the side.

And we shared this vegan potato salad.

All lip-smackingly palatable. I want to go back again soon to both Peacefood and Pump!

My week is absolutely insane, so don’t expect anything very contemplative or thought-provoking from me over the next few days. My musings ebb and flow, and it’s definitely an ebbing week πŸ™‚

Are you always inspired, or do you have to wait for the right moment to say/write/do something that you think is meaningful?

13 Replies to “(Vegetarian Food Photo) Housekeeping!”

  1. Love seeing your random eats – and I always smile when I see that you’ve had kabocha! πŸ˜€

    I blog my day, so its not hard to find things to write about, although I think people may get sick of seeing my egg sammies every day!

    1. @Biz: When I can’t think of things to post I usually just start looking through my pictures to see what I haven’t written about yet!

      I never get sick of your sammies. Or your hot sauce πŸ˜€

  2. Sometimes it’s hard to get inspired but other times I will just sit and think about random things and say what’s on my mind. Other times it’s just random bits from the day I had.

    That vegan potato salad sounds phenomenal!!

  3. I still owe you and other readers my New York post, but I’m either busy or burned out from being busy and don’t want to be on the computer anymore. You can bug me about it if I don’t write it soon!
    That kabocha looks so good! I think I will incorporate some into dinner somehow πŸ™‚

  4. LOVE Tommy Boy! Like Cindy, we always knock and say “housekeeping”, too.

    For me, inspiration comes when it feels like it. Forcing it never works well for me. So I usually try to capitalize on it when it comes.

  5. Maggie, it’s coming it’s coming!! I started writing it today but then got busy and then had to write a post about pop-tarts haha. But you can bake pop tarts now while you wait!

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