What’s Up Saturday – 10.16.10

My sister is gone and I am home doing someĀ organizing. I haven’t had a good organizing Saturday in some time. I’m taking a break to write this weekly wrap-up; hope you enjoy!

Salad Happenings


Fun Stuff

Now I’m off to do more organizing, and to torment play with these fatsos:

fats Whats Up Saturday   10.16.10

I got them new food so maybe they will be thinner next time they make an appearance. I also got them a cruel toy – it smells like catnip and you put food inside it (so they smell the food), and they chase it for exercise. They are not smart enough to get the food out though. I think they realized that because they’re not really playing with it anymore. Sigh.

How’s your Saturday going?

1 Comment on What’s Up Saturday – 10.16.10

  1. Elizabeth (The Dallas Celiac)
    16 October, 2010 at 11:46 pm (4 years ago)

    Do your kitties play with each other for exercise? Mine do, but they’re still only 2 years old, so I imagine that will decease with their age.