OZU Macrobiotic Restaurant Review (New York)

I promised this a while ago, and here it finally is…

Ozu (Macrobiotic) Restaurant Review

Ozu is a small Japanese restaurant on the upper west side. I found it because my friend Mel works nearby and we wanted to find a place close to her work for our weekly lunch date (we have since moved to dinner dates; we just work too far apart for lunch to pan out as planned). Ozu is macrobiotic, but not really advertised as such. Traditional Japanese food is typically macrobiotic by default. Here is another inside view (small and cozy, but nice):

We went for lunch one day back in September and I got the lunch special – a macro plate with a side salad. Possibly the best macro plate I’ve had – a close tie with Good Health’s. This macro plate was: chickpeas, seaweed, carrots, yams, kabocha, and brown rice.

The salad was fabulous too, and came with a slightly tangy dressing.

Mel got a noodly pad thai dish…

A Second Trip to Ozu!

I didn’t grab a picture of the noodly dish at the time, but I brought Bobby and another friend back just a few days later and they both got the “Thai Noodles” on my recommendation. The dish had thick rice noodles stir fried in peanut sauce, with broccoli, string beans,Β carrots, kale, and collards topped with raw bean sprouts and walnuts. They added salmon as well.

I am pretty sure they were very satisfied. I got this vegetarian macrobiotic (and vegan actually) fried rice. I don’t know how I finished it all, but I did.

We also split the “Carrot Pancake” appetizer, which apparently I forgot to photograph. It was a pan-fried pancake of wheat flour, cabbage, carrots, kale, ginger, kabocha squash, coconut milk and carrot dressing. Served with soy dipping sauce. Reminded me a lot of my okonomiyaki (Japanese frittata thing) – I love my okonomiyaki recipe; must make it again soon.

Macrobiotic food is just about the only type of food I can always finish without feeling guilty and/or sick. Macrobiotic eating has really really helped me overcome any and all kinds of food phobias that I used to have; I would say that macrobiotics has actually been the major factor in helping me learn to eat intuitively.Β (Part of macriobiotics is remembering that it’s not about the food, and that to be macrobiotic you sometimes should not be macrobiotic… if that makes sense.)

Would anyone be interested in hearing more about macrobiotics?

I have touched on it before, and I did a macrobiotic experiment a while ago (macrobiotic wrap-up posts here – scroll to bottom of page), but I’m sure there is more to discuss. Do you have any specific questions about macrobiotics? Want any macrobiotic recipes? Leave comments and let me know!

P.S. I did do Meatless Monday yesterday and I also didn’t have any added sugar (as far as I know), both for Healthy Monday.

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  1. I will have to try this place out! I live in the UWS and since I hve started eating organic and more cleanly have found it a challenge to find healthy eating out choices. It looks delicious!

    Alison πŸ™‚

    1. @Alison: Let me know if you try it! Or if you want to meet up there πŸ™‚ It is great. I want to go back soon. I live on the UES so it’s not that convenient for me to go, and I need to give myself more excuses to get up there.

  2. Hi Maggie, that’s funny you posted about macrobiotics today:) I blogged about macrobiotics yesterday in a post where I also linked to your sugar post. I flirted with macrobiotics a while back but I’m beginning to think it might be really helpful for my IBS. I have made some macro soups and things recently and have been eating lots of brown rice. I find I digest macrobiotic food so well, and I have no cravings for caffeine or sugar when I eat macro. My question would be what books or resources would you recommend to get better acquainted with macrobiotics?

  3. I would love to hear more about macrobiotics. I have a hair trigger digestive system and tend toward this kind of diet but I am always interested in learning more πŸ™‚

    1. @Stephanie: I will definitely post more! I will try to focus on digestion issues in the post because that is what I have trouble with too πŸ™‚

  4. Great review! Reminded me why I love Ozu so much. I need to go back soon! They have a lotus root appetizer that is amazing, and the carrot ginger soup…mmmmm πŸ™‚

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