What’s Up Saturday – 10.23.10

This week’s edition of What’s Up Saturday has lots of goodies (I think). I will not bore you with random musings today; without further ado here is my weekly link love:

Salad Round Up

Food & Recipes

Health Articles

  • Not all calories are created equal?! A new study might show that the source of the calorie might actually impact whether or not you gain weight from it. In other words, an extra 100 calories a day from candy might make you gain more weight than an extra 100 calories a day from peanuts. (From Fooducate.) I eat nuts like they are going out of style so maybe this is why I don’t weigh 300 pounds already.
  • Childhood obesity is running rampant because kids are eating utter crap. Apparently 40% of kids’ calories come from junk food (soda, sugary drinks, desserts, pizza, and whole milk). (Also from Fooducate. I love this blog. I do not agree that whole milk is junk, though – I am a big promoter of full-fat dairy!)

Linguistics Article & Other Random Things

Happy Saturday! Do you have any updates for me?

11 Replies to “What’s Up Saturday – 10.23.10”

  1. Oh no! competing rallies! Which one should I go to? haha, can’t wait to see you there!
    Also, that article on the calories, that’s always been my theory too! I probably eat about 5 or 6 “servings” of nuts a day and that’s not even taking into account the jars of nut butter I go through weekly….nope, still not fat.
    And I had a really interesting convo tonight with an English teacher about regional differences in word pronunciation. There’s a whole website that explains it all and even lets you take a test that tells you what region you are or at least sound like you’re from. I need to ask her for the web address!

    1. @Gaby: Can’t wait to see you too! I think there are going to be a bunch of us in town, but I don’t know if we will all get to meet up.

      Definitely get the link! I love learning about dialects and stuff like that.

  2. Interesting linguistics article. I love etymology (I was a linguistics major in college) and I miss thinking about words all the time.
    Kitty litter cake…that’s a new one to me!

    1. @Rachel: I wish I had majored in linguistics 🙂 I took classes but I was a math and econ major (supposedly more “practical”, but it ends up not really mattering…).

  3. thanks for the ping! i def agree about the quality of calories thing. it really does matter, it’s not just about the math calories in and out. i’d much rather eat 100cals of whole, natural food than 100 calorie “pack” of cookies with franken ingredients yikes!

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