(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: My Kids

*Update* Bo is back and doing well!

Bo is at the vet’s (went in last night) for urgent care. Keeping our fingers crossed. We love you, Bo! (We love you too, Cous.)





These two are like our kids. Love their sweet faces.

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  1. Aw I hope Bo is okay!! I was so scared a few weeks ago when my cat was sick (turned out she’s totally fine and I have more to the outrageous vet story I told you!) Keep me updated!
    Can’t wait to see you this weekend!!

  2. OH, Maggie, I’m thinking of you guys and of Bo!! I hope all turns out well ultimately… 🙁 I know how worried my husband and I get if one of our dogs is unwell!! They are our kids, too. 😉 I don’t even care if I sound crazy when I call myself a “dog mom”!

    1. @Tiffany: Thank you so much for your sweet comment 🙂 I don’t think it’s crazy to be a dog or cat mom 🙂 I was so worried until I heard that he was ok.

      1. Maggie, I am SO glad to hear Bo is well! You guys must be so relieved…It’s so upsetting when things go awry with our “kids”!
        Speaking of horrible animal issues, a dog was hit by a car on our busy road today, and it was beyond horrifying. Blair and I called Animal Control when we saw the dog racing around the road and NO cars pulling aside, but the poor sweetie ended up being hit and killed… We drove down the road to see if she could be saved (as I was crying to Animal Control on my cell), but it was too late. I won’t go into it, but let’s just say I seemed more upset than the owner (not a pet “parent”, that is for sure) who said he has 7 dogs…Blair and I have both been disturbed by this all day long.
        I hope everyone hugs their pets tonight!

    1. @Melissa: he couldn’t pee, something was blocking it!! He’s ok now – the vet was able to get rid of whatever was stuck. I was so worried but so happy now that he’s fine. He has to only eat wet food from now on and hopefully that will prevent it from happening again.

    1. @Eden: He couldn’t pee!! He is okay now. THe vet was able to get out the thing that was stuck (minerals/crystals or something). He has to only eat wet canned food from now on but hopefully it won’t happen again.

  3. I totally feel for you! My cat went into the hospital a couple of years ago with a urinary infection. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be catheterized, so he ended up having his penis removed. He is fine now, but I definitely know what it’s like to have your fur baby in the hospital. I really hope he feels better soon!

    1. @Alina: Oh no!! I saw that that might have to be an option if they couldn’t fix it. It’s scary. I’m glad your guy is fine now 🙂

  4. Oh my – paws crossed for Bo! I have 10 cats – all rescues and one I’ve been fostering for a year for the local no-kill kitty rescue. =^..^=

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