Weekend Link Love (aka What’s Up Sunday)

I skipped last week’s weekend link love so there are lots this week. Moving right along, then…

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I have been kind of slacking lately on blogging. I have things to say, but no time to say them. Work is busy (in a great way) so blogging may be less frequent, and commenting has already fallen by the wayside. (I am still reading, just silently.)

How was your weekend?

Mine was busy – Friday night I hung out with friends. Yesterday we walked a lot, shopped, and got dinner with family (at a fabulous French restaurant – Yo In Yo Out). Today I am meeting up with more friends for a baking party. And I also have some work I want to get done. My life has been go-go-go but I’m loving it. Lots of good eats, but these days I am not all that focused on the food icon wink Weekend Link Love (aka Whats Up Sunday) I eat it and forget about it. As it should be.

3 Comments on Weekend Link Love (aka What’s Up Sunday)

  1. Erin
    14 November, 2010 at 1:11 pm (4 years ago)

    I love it! I’m trying to focus less on food too and your post has really helped me to that end.
    So haps to see MISS SHEL on here! LOVE her new bloggy!

  2. melissa @ the delicate place
    14 November, 2010 at 4:09 pm (4 years ago)

    hey! don’t worry—i’m totally off the blog bandwagon right now…sooo busy and i’m getting really excited about the holidays which will undoubtedly mean random blogging from me haha :) i’m enjoying trying different foods and eating them slowly savoring the moment! i had a great 4 mile walk with nate today and it was exactly what i needed to refresh and recharge myself for the week ahead.

  3. Beth @ To the Fullest
    14 November, 2010 at 9:55 pm (4 years ago)

    Thanks for the shout out! Yay!

    My favorite line from this post: “I eat it and forget about it. As it should be.”

    Yes, yes, and yes. You’re rocking recovery!