Weekend Link Love – 01.08.2011

Workout Love

  • I just did Crunch: Fat Burning Dance Party. Jennifer Galardi is one of my favorites! She has a great body – lean and toned – which is motivating, and she’s really energetic. Her routines are fun and the time flies. This video was 40 minutes long and it’s free if you have Netflix streaming.
  • I am about to do Yoga for Buns #1. This is podcast #9 from the Yogadownload podcast. Only… 40 more to go. I have done a lot of them in the last few years but I thought it would be fun to go from the beginning and do them all in order. I don’t remember if I have done this one before. It sounds painful. (20 minutes)
  • More of my Netflix favorites can be found here. And yoga faves are here.

Food Love

Other stuff I love.

Happy Weekend 🙂 What are your plans?

8 Replies to “Weekend Link Love – 01.08.2011”

  1. i haven’t seen a kabocha in our markets for months! i’ve been into root veggies of all types lately and less squash. do you eat eggs as a veggie or are you a lacto? my plans are to sell my house! we have a very serious client back for their 2nd visit today so this place must be sparkling! we’re both on edge! now for the waiting game!

    1. @Melissa: I do eat eggs! I try to get pasture raised ones (which are like $6 a dozen, yikes). I also eat yogurt – I just discovered goat’s milk yogurt and I am in love. Dairy tends to be rough on my stomach but the goat’s milk seems ok so far.

      And congrats on the house, again!!

  2. ahhh yoga for buns, that is one of my faves. lotsa utkatasana/variations. the pulsing is killer.

    hope you made it maggie!! 🙂

    1. @Clare: I made it! I skipped some bits though. Would you believe that I still hate utkatasana after all these years of yoga? It just does not jive for me. I actually can’t do it at all with my arms raised the way they are supposed to be – I have to have them out in front parallel with the floor or else the pose is absolute misery. I wonder why that is – that some poses seem to be incredibly difficult for some people.

  3. I’m currently obsessed with reading books again, so I appreciate any recommendations. The Abby Library is getting some use as I reread my favorites, but I think it’s time for some new ones!

  4. It’s so good to have you back! 🙂 Thank you for sharing the Yogadownload podcast– do I need to be very familiar with the specific names of each pose in order to do them? I’m not a beginner but certainly not well-versed beyond Downward Facing Dog, Child’s Pose, Warrior, etc. Thanks!

    1. @Yvonne: You don’t have to know the names actually. They have a pose guide for each class (it’s a PDF) that you can download and look at before to make sure you know all the poses. It’s very very useful 🙂

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