Weekend Link Love – 01.08.2011

Workout Love

  • I just did Crunch: Fat Burning Dance Party. Jennifer Galardi is one of my favorites! She has a great body – lean and toned – which is motivating, and she’s really energetic. Her routines are fun and the time flies. This video was 40 minutes long and it’s free if you have Netflix streaming.
  • I am about to do Yoga for Buns #1. This is podcast #9 from the Yogadownload podcast. Only… 40 more to go. I have done a lot of them in the last few years but I thought it would be fun to go from the beginning and do them all in order. I don’t remember if I have done this one before. It sounds painful. (20 minutes)
  • More of my Netflix favorites can be found here. And yoga faves are here.

Food Love

Other stuff I love.

Happy Weekend 🙂 What are your plans?

8 Replies to “Weekend Link Love – 01.08.2011”

  1. i haven’t seen a kabocha in our markets for months! i’ve been into root veggies of all types lately and less squash. do you eat eggs as a veggie or are you a lacto? my plans are to sell my house! we have a very serious client back for their 2nd visit today so this place must be sparkling! we’re both on edge! now for the waiting game!

    1. @Melissa: I do eat eggs! I try to get pasture raised ones (which are like $6 a dozen, yikes). I also eat yogurt – I just discovered goat’s milk yogurt and I am in love. Dairy tends to be rough on my stomach but the goat’s milk seems ok so far.

      And congrats on the house, again!!

    1. @Clare: I made it! I skipped some bits though. Would you believe that I still hate utkatasana after all these years of yoga? It just does not jive for me. I actually can’t do it at all with my arms raised the way they are supposed to be – I have to have them out in front parallel with the floor or else the pose is absolute misery. I wonder why that is – that some poses seem to be incredibly difficult for some people.

  2. I’m currently obsessed with reading books again, so I appreciate any recommendations. The Abby Library is getting some use as I reread my favorites, but I think it’s time for some new ones!

  3. It’s so good to have you back! 🙂 Thank you for sharing the Yogadownload podcast– do I need to be very familiar with the specific names of each pose in order to do them? I’m not a beginner but certainly not well-versed beyond Downward Facing Dog, Child’s Pose, Warrior, etc. Thanks!

    1. @Yvonne: You don’t have to know the names actually. They have a pose guide for each class (it’s a PDF) that you can download and look at before to make sure you know all the poses. It’s very very useful 🙂

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