Jazz Apples and Walking at Home

I think I have a new favorite apple: Jazz apples.

The other day I had mentioned that I like Fuji, Honeycrisp, and Gala apples. Jazz is a hybrid of Fuji and Braeburn. They were on sale at Whole Foods for $1.99/pound and I picked up a few for tasting.

They are crispy and have just the right amount of sweetness. I think they are the perfect apples. I would not use these to make homemade applesauce – I use lower quality apples for that (like a plain Braeburn, or apples that have gotten mealy).


Another new thing I tried was a new (free) workout video from ExerciseTV: Start Walking 2 Mile by Leslie Sansone (it’s on Amazon, too). It’s a 32 minute workout that is supposedly equivalent to a 2-mile walk. I think I believe it – I got my heart rate up and was sweating/panting a bit in the middle.

Leslie is a great instructor – she is fun and funny. She takes you through a basic walk, some kicks, sidesteps, kickbacks (hamstring curls), knee lifts, and probably a few more that I’m forgetting.

Walking posts:

Walking is my absolute favorite exercise (even more than yoga for me) and this video delivered. I can’t really walk outside at the moment because New York is freezing. It could rival Ithaca in terms of temperature and misery for the last couple of weeks.


What’s your favorite spring thing to do?

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  1. I’ll be at Whole Foods later today and I’m definitely picking up some Jazz apples. Just the name alone makes me want to try them.
    I love Leslie Sansone walking workouts. They always make me sweat like crazy. 🙂

    1. @Emily: Let me know how you like them (the apples)! Also, I will definitely have to check out more of Leslie’s videos… She’s awesome.

  2. i recently discovered jazz too! my all-time fave is honeycrisp, but i’ve been eating jazz since they’re gone.

    on an interview in wisconsin, i found an opal apple at a whole foods…bought two and wish i’d bought a bazillion. it was like a crisp golden delicious (which is perfect for me, because i love golden delicious but hate a mushy texture)

  3. i’ve never heard of honeygold!!!! seriously, i live in california, how can i not find all these special apples anywhere?

    please please please go get some opals for me and enjoy them! 🙂

  4. I love jazz apples! I’m pretty sure that they’re grown here in NZ, too. I’m glad you like them 😉

    I love walking too. It’s by far my favourite form of exercise as it’s low impact and causes no form of pain whatsoever. Yay for walking!


  5. I love fresh apples, but I’ve never tried Jazz apples! (Never seen them either.) I like Granny Smith, Jonagored, Gloster, and Elstar the best. (Some of them are rather old varieties.)

    Walking is definietly the best exercise ever! I’m looking forward to doing more walking outside soon!

  6. Heyyy lady!! Just popping back up to say hiii and hopefully revive my lil bloggy 😀 OMG i remember back in the DAY- when u worked at that office and would post about your longggg lunch break walks! haha throwback! I need to try those Jazz apples- im totally honeycrisp and pink lady obsessed! Glad you are doing well Maggie!

  7. Hi Maggie, I purchased one of these , the 2 miler I think. I’m very underweight right now and only doing some walking and yoga. I’m very depressed about it because I have a lot of weight to gain (according to the scale), so I might be unable to exercise for a long, long time. Its hard to think about. I hope this walking thing might help me keep sanity. Any yoga dvds to recommend? I don’t like yogadownload because I find it hard on my laptop.
    When you had to gain weight, were you scary low? What do you think is a healthy number to gain per week if low? And not exercising? I’m afraid to gain a whole bunch since I’m not exercising, its not really…hard to explain.

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