Weekend Links – 01.17.2011

MoreΒ Weekend Links of Love. This week it’s fairly veggie themed because I have been vegetarian for the last 3 weeks.

Had to break this one out because it’s so interesting:

  • TED Talk: Keep your goals to yourself. It turns out that people who talk about their goals all the time are actually *less* likely to achieve their goals. So that annoying coworker who keeps talking about how she wants to lose weight? Well if she shut up about it it would be more likely to happen. It’s because by saying it out loud you feel like you are closer to your goal – so you feel like you don’t need to put as much effort in to achieving it. It’s a short talk (~3 minutes) and well worth the watch.

Do you have any cool finds?

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  1. that conspiracy theory one was really interesting….i used to drink diet soda by the gallonful every day. i quit because it a)makes me hungry and b) even though peple have been drinking it for years i can’t get rid of the sneaking suspicion that aspartame must be bad for you.

    can’t say i haven’t had a few slipups with my lover, diet dr pepper, though. maybe once a week. any improvement’s better than none πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for posting those articles! Very interesting!

    When reading the thyroid article I didn’t have the impression that you have to avoid broccoli and the other veggies mentioned there, because the problematic substances apparently are broken down when cooking them. At least that’s how I understood it. This doesn’t apply to soy, though.

      1. This is how it went:

        “Next, people with hypothyroidism are often told to avoid goitrogenic foods. Goitrogenic refers to the fact that these foods can increase your likelihood of developing a goiter by decreasing thyroid hormone production. […] The funny thing about these foods is that the majority of them are very healthy, in general. The incidence of their consumption causing a goiter is gone if you take specific measures, most notably – cooking them.

        As I read it, the decrease in thyroid hormone production is responsible for getting a goiter. So no goiter if thyroid hormones are fine. If cooking these veggies prevents you from getting a goiter, it also prevents you from decreased thyroid hormone production. Makes sense?

        I’ve read the same elsewhere as well, so I think it’s valid. So, cook the broccoli and enjoy it. πŸ™‚

  3. I always love your roundups! and I”m bitter about the broccoli thing! I’m gonna pretend its not true and be in denial about it.

  4. unfortunately not the one in new york :(. it’s a small hospital in dayton, oh. charles f. kettering donated the money for it.

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