Weekend Link Love – 01.26.2011

Here are some cool reads I found in the last week and a half or so.

Also, I finished that book I mentioned the other day, and it was wonderful. I think I am going to go get a biography of Laura Bush. She seems like an interesting lady. I’m currently working on…

Case Histories, by Kate Atkinson.

Summary: Private detective Jackson Brodie—ex-cop, ex-husband and weekend dad—takes on three cases involving past crimes that occurred in and around London. The first case introduces two middle-aged sisters who, after the death of their vile, distant father, look again into the disappearance of their beloved sister Olivia, last seen at three years old, while they were camping under the stars during an oppressive heat wave. A retired lawyer who lives only on the fumes of possible justice next enlists Jackson’s aid in solving the brutal killing of his grown daughter 10 years earlier. In the third dog-eared case file, the sibling of an infamous ax-bludgeoner seeks a reunion with her niece, who as a baby was a witness to murder.

Can’t put it down.


What are you reading? What news stories or articles have you liked in the last week?


Did you watch Obama’s speech? If he follows through on what he said I will be very pleased.

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  1. I agree about cooking at home, as you know. Not only doing you get more food and the peace of mind in knowing what you’re eating, but it’s also more economical.

    And even though he was very old school, I loved Jack LaLanne when I was growing up 🙂

    I’m rereading a bunch of my old books, so right now it’s “Children Playing Before a Statue of Hercules” edited by David Sedaris. I love short story fiction.

    P.S. Think of this post as early for this weekend’s Link Love. Works for me!

  2. i’m reading the hunger games by suzanne collins and it’s really good! unfortunately my nook died in the middle so i’m waiting for my new one….

    also atul gawande wrote an article in the new yorker this week, and he’s my FAVORITE contributor so i was excited.

    i saw another new variety of apple today at whole foods: gingegold. it was like a crisper golden delicious, but NOT as good as the opal.

  3. Hi Maggie,

    I would not buy the Leaf. I have a hard time accepting the “all electric” cars as really “eco friendly.” I’m sure there is a lot I don’t understand and a zillion points I’m missing…but all I see is that all electric cars plug into the grid. And what’s the grid? Coal and oil plants (and others, of course.) I’m not a coal/oil hater by any means, but as far as the “green scene” folks are concerned I just don’t get this all electric push. It’s like people think that electricity comes from the magic box in the wall and not the massive plant burning fossil fuels down the street. Anyways, it looks like this Leaf would go pretty far on a charge, but what is the impact of that charge compared to a tank of gas? I don’t know, but am curious.

    Hybrids seem to make more sense. Balance the power of the oil/gas with the power of the motor charging its own battery. As it uses gas, it powers its own battery for times when it doesn’t need to use the gas. So it uses LESS gas. Not more gas by plugging in to the giant power plants…

    Plus, that car is ugly, JMO. Then again, I’m married to a car freak/(snob?) and a bit has rubbed off I suppose.

    That’s my take, brutally honest I suppose and again, probably simpler than I’m fully understanding.

  4. I was so upset when I read that Jack Lalanne had died! 🙁 But that’s okay, because now everytime I take out my juicer and make my favorite fruits and veggies juice, the juicer and I will all be thinking of him. 🙂

    As for the reading, I’m actually reading a novel, hehe. I’m currently loving Tate Hallaway’s Garnet Lacey series and because it’s about vampires and witches, that’s even better! If you like Twilight, I think you’ll like her too 😀

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