Yoga Inspiration #2: Just Stretch.

Just Stretch.

One of the best ways to start off your morning is simply stretching. When you wake up, reach above your head, point your toes towards the foot of the bed, and sweep your arms down as though you were making a snow angel.


Some yogis have the idea that since the earth is always moving, we should always be flowing and using our energy too. (At least when we’re awake that is – though maybe some people have mastered the art of being energetic even in sleep.) As soon as we start to become conscious each morning, we should stretch out to help get the juices flowing.


Yesterday morning I used Tara Stiles’s Hangover Yoga to start my day off right (just 5 minutes).

I also did her Yoga for the New Year! video (about 8 minutes).

I didn’t do this yesterday, but I think I will do it today… my own yoga video (Yoga Quickie).


This is another stretching routine I like to do: DVF’s Stretching Routine.

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4 Replies to “Yoga Inspiration #2: Just Stretch.”

  1. oh man. i can’t do yoga all week while i’m on vacation (internet too spotty, no mat, tired afters skiing). i’m going to be so tight next week!

  2. Unfortunately I’m not good at stretching at all; I can never touch my toes, not even with help from people! 🙁

    But I do love yoga; the ability to be able to hold a certain pose for a specific amount of time is very encouraging… and a bit painful too. 😀

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