Sweaty Yoga: Philip Urso Hour of Power

I know I have not been posting. Sometimes I want to write, but have no time. Sometimes I have time, but nothing to write.

Today I have some yoga to share.

This morning I remembered writing about a sweaty yoga class (podcast) that I did back in California. It was in my first apartment there so I knew it had to be sometime in early 2009. I dug around and found it – the post was called “I Heart Housewives” – fitting because at the time that’s what I was. Not a wife yet, but acting housewifey and being unemployed.

The podcast was a 60-minute Baptiste Power Vinyasa class led by Philip Urso. It was Fast HOUR of Power – 03/29/2007. You can find it here.

Highlights (forgive me if my memory is not exact):

  • Begin in down dog. Move immediately into fast sun salutations. Then slow…
  • Warrior 1 -> Warrior 2 -> Reverse warrior
  • Crescent -> Twisted prayer (then bound) -> Side angle (then bound)
  • Warrior 1 -> Warrior 2 -> Triangle -> Twisted Triangle -> Standing Splits
  • Standing: tree & dancer
  • Mat: bow pose, ab work, pigeon, full pigeon
  • Edited to add: lots of bridges and wheels. Whoooooeee.
  • Spinal twists, savasana.

I did this from 8am – 9am just before I went to work. I did get a bit sweaty (but not dripping). I would love to try this in a warmer room (80+ degrees); I think that’s why I was sweaty the last time.

I really like Philip Urso – he talks, but not too much (::cough::davefarmar::cough::). His chatter is usually about how to quiet the “manic mind”. My manic mind was rearing its ugly head during the class, but I managed to calm it (mostly) by the end. And it’s stayed pretty calm all day 🙂

Link, if you missed it above: Philip Urso’s Fast Hour of Power.


What was the last yoga routine you did?

6 Replies to “Sweaty Yoga: Philip Urso Hour of Power”

  1. Nice Maggie! I always liked Phillip Urso and remember doing this class too. I haven’t done one of his casts in awhile, sometimes his bridge pose sets were too intense for me. You think its going to be done but he just keeps going…lol!

    The last yoga I did was my own little ditty…

    1. @clare: eek, yes! How could I have forgotten the endless bridges and wheels at the end?! I did all except the last… well, I went up into it and then he says, “this one for 10” and I just went back down and laid there 🙂

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