Weekend Link Love – 05.30.2011

Weekend Link Love

(Inspired by MDA)

I will leave you with my project of the evening (Bobby is at a music festival, cats are with my mom, so I am alone – a rare occurrence):

Organizing! (Tea, in this case.)

Do you have a lot of completely alone time? Do you have any? What do you do?

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  1. I enjoy a lot of alone time, usually during the week. although I enjoy Star company a lot, I still enjoy alone time. is that bad? what do I do? nothing special that I wouldn’t do when Star is. I guess it’s a mental thing, have the freedom to do whatever I want wheneveri want even though I don’t feel any restriction otherwise. ok, this is confusing, I’d better stop here,
    have a great evening Maggie!

    1. @coco: I really enjoyed my alone time! I kind of wish I had more actually – like in Sex & the City 🙂 I think we talked about this before actually.

  2. I love organizing – it’s something I really should do more often as I find it so therapeutic!

    I’m tempted to cut all my hair off too maggie. Ugh, It’s driving me nuts, but whenever I cut it short, I end up regretting it b/c it turns into a major frizz bomb. The length helps weigh down the curl/craziness, but I’m going to check out the haircut link anyway.

    I have to admit, I love tempeh bacon, but there is nothing like REAL bacon from a pig. 😉

    1. @Heather: I think I’m gonna cut mine. Mine isn’t long enough to get that girl’s haircut but I may try a shorter variation! I’m glad you liked it!

  3. New to your blog! I found a link through Biz’s 101 Days of Summer Challenge 🙂

    I can’t remember the last time I was alone a night without my hubby and pup…I don’t know that it’s ever happened, actually. I think I would probably workout, blog, and cook…the usual 🙂

  4. Aww, looking forward to checking these links out, especially the one about Zen meditation! 😀

    I must admit that I’m quite dependent on alone time, and need more than other people to feel well. During that time, I usually just do my things – work/read/write, play the piano, blog, go for a walk, do housework, stock up on groceries … Pretty normal, I think. But I need this time for myself. (This was also what I’ve done last weekend. :))

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