Five Things Friday – from France!

Bounjour again from Paris! We are here until Sunday in the wee hours of the morning. (We leave around 9ish France time which is 3am NYC time.) We’re having a lovely time and I will be sure to post more pictures soon. Today I wanted to share some things.

  1. Clare is giving away a t-shirt. It ends tomorrow (6/11) at midnight.
  2. I am in love with cutoff jean shorts. I just saw two today – on Little Tin Soldier AND on What Would a Nerd Wear. I cannot resist any longer. I will have to pick up a pair of thrift shop jeans when I get back to the states and hack away.
  3. On a friend’s recommendation I recently finished reading this book: The Philosopher and the Wolf. The book is memoir-ish and follows the lives of Rowlands (the author) and Brenin (the wolf). Rowlands, a “snarly misanthrope”, writes about what he has learned about the human animal by observing the wolf. I hesitate to say “his” wolf, as Brenin seems to have been just as much an owner of Rowlands. A wonderful book, with incredibly intelligent insights into the nature of us “apes”.Side note: The friend is Bobby’s best friend from middle school and high school – they were in school together from 6th or 7th grade all the way through the end of college. He was Bobby’s best man and Bobby will be his; his fiance was my bridesmaid and I’m going to be hers in November. She was my freshman roommate and then the next year we met Bobby and his friend. They started dating a year after we did 🙂
  4. Last week I saw Midnight in Paris (Minuit a Paris) with my cousin, and then saw it again last night with Bobby here… a Paris. It is possibly my favorite Woody Allen movie. Go see it.
  5. Catacombs were so cool. Over 6 million (six millione, en francais) sets of bones now lie underneath the streets of Paris in out of use limestone mines.

That’s it for my 5 things. What a fun way to share juicy little tidbits. What are your things, and what are you doing this weekend?

This weekend for us – tomorrow we are going to go museum hopping and then Sunday we are headed back to the states. And Monday it is back to work. This week has flown by.

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  1. i’ve been wanting to read that actually! i got a pair of high waisted dark denim roll up shorts and i am in love with them! surprising since i’m usually anti shorts in favor of skirts in summer! hope your last couple days are great!

  2. Paris is so lovely! I hope you’ve had a crepe? You have me envious though — I couldn’t get anyone to go into the catacombs with me, and we weren’t allowed to go alone. Gr. I shall live vicariously through you.

    Oh, I meant to ask — have you read anything by Robert Greene? You’re the only person I can think of who might have heard of him. If so, I’d love to get your thoughts. He’s like a…historical self help/human development writer. Quite badass.

    1. @Mimi: YES crepes! Yum. Wow, not allowed to go alone? That stinks. I have lots of pictures so I will have to post them 😀

      I have not read anything by Robert Greene… he sounds really cool though. I will have to check out something by him. Do you have a specific book by him to recommend?

  3. Thanks for the book recommendation – always looking for a new read. AND thank you for making me feel less guilty about wanting to blog. I keep saying I will post less, but I LOVE blogging. It’s my creative outlet, and if I feel like I have something to say everyday, then so be it.

    Can’t believe your week in France is almost over. Hope you’re having fun museum hopping Maggie.

    1. @HEAB: You make me feel less guilty too! Definitely check out the book… I think you would love it. I passed on my copy to my dad and sister.

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