Spring… (Flashback)

6/13/2011: This morning I got up at 4:30am and could not sleep – jet lag makes 4:30am = 10:30am in France. Perhaps this will be the kick in the pants I need to start getting up (and going to bed) earlier? The morning included putzing around and enjoying the silence of the sleeping city. I finished a loooong yoga podcast (well, 60 minutes = this one). I actually didn’t quite finish the 60 minutes – when he went into frog pose (ugh!) I stayed for about a minute and went straight to savasana.

yoga frog pose Spring... (Flashback)

Frog pose - très inconfortable! Je la dèteste.*


*Very uncomfortable! I hate it.

It’s nice having time in the morning to do nothing. Or do yoga. Or chill with my kitties. Or play piano. Or read. Or blog. Or whatever.

I also browsed through old memories. I found this post (below) on a random old blog that I used to have. It’s originally from 2/23/2008, almost 3.5 years ago; I had just moved to California after college and Bobby was finishing up his last semester of school back in Ithaca. (I graduated a semester early.) I am not a very nostalgic person (random side note – see Midnight in Paris!) but I do get sentimental on occasion. This post is around when I first embarked on my healthy living journey – at the time I was too thin after losing weight in college but not knowing anything about health and nutrition. I knew that fruits and veggies were good but I also thought fat was bad; conventional wisdom had always demonized fat, especially animal fat. I’m glad I realized that life is much better with healthy fats.

Without further ado, here is the post. (ETA = Edited To Add.)


Spring can’t come soon enough. And after spring is summer, my favorite season. A season of berry picking, fresh fruit, fresh salads, and running around outside. I love to dig my feet in the sand at the beach and go exploring. Any season where I can be outside is a truly wonderful time.

01 maggie picking Spring... (Flashback)

ETA: Maggie picking berries... (circa summer 2007).

02 bobby picking Spring... (Flashback)

ETA: And Bobby with berries... (circa summer 2007).

I’m getting nostalgic and looking at pictures from last summer (ETA: 2007 summer). I can’t wait until we can go pick blackberries and raspberries and blueberries right off the bush and enjoy them for dessert. I’ll make blueberry muffins with fresh, not frozen, berries! And sorbets! And things with decadent whipped soy cream! (ETA: Why was I eating soy cream? I must have been on a vegan kick. Also note the focus on desserts – I used to eat a lot more sugar than I do now, as is obvious from the muffin obsession.)

03 blackberry hand Spring... (Flashback)

ETA: Bobby's hand! He popped this in his mouth and it was amazing - warm from the sun and deliciously sweet, he said.

I hope you enjoyed this little flashback. I love looking back at what I was doing years ago; it’s so interesting to see how things have changed and what has stayed the same.

What were you doing 3 years ago?

I don’t know exactly what I was doing exactly 3 years ago… it was the day after Bobby’s birthday in 2008… Hm… It was a Friday. Here is my post on that day. (Not helpful for figuring out what we did though.) I had probably just started a new job (mid-May 2008) and Bobby was working on his startup company before he started at Microsoft that August (he’d just graduated 2 weeks earlier). Since it was a Friday I probably got free lunch at work. Vietnamese was my favorite. I may have been vegetarian-ish at the time. Maybe we went out to dinner with friends for a belated birthday celebration. I probably took a long walk on my lunch break. Some things never change; some do.

And here is a song to make you smile – I saw this somewhere and now I don’t remember where.

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  1. Krista
    16 June, 2011 at 11:13 am (3 years ago)

    My kids love that song and sing it all the time! LOL

    This post makes me want to take a look back at some of my old blog posts to see what I was up to a few years ago around this time….

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