Weekend Link Love – 1.7.2012

It’s been over 3 months since I last did a Weekend Link Love. Yipes! Yoga teacher training really did consume about 99.9999% of my free time this past fall.

A Few Yoga Links of Interest…

How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body

First let me say, no, I do not agree with this sorry excuse for journalism. This is a poorly designed attack on yoga that is based on the behaviors of a few incompetent yoga practitioners. William Broad, the journalist, selects a few examples of obviously careless and/or fanatical yogis to reject nearly the entire challenging physical practice of yoga. An example: if you sit in hero’s pose (knees together, set back your heels, but option to go further and place feet next to hips so your butt is on the floor) for hours a day, yes, you will have issues. You will also have issues if you sit for hours a day, period. If you are not listening to your body, you are not practicing yoga. You are practicing some sort of ego-boosting physical exercise that will not get you any further towards enlightenment. To be honest, I’m surprised the Times ran this piece.

NY Times Unfairly Trashes Yoga

A rebuttal to the article above. Eloquent and based in fact, this quick counter to Broad’s exaggerated warnings is an informative, direct read.

Beautiful inversion practice by Briohny Smyth,

an Equinox LA yoga instructor (semi-NSFW). This is what I would love my practice to look like in… 2 years. (Also note that gorgeous apartment.)

Free Yoga

Come to Yoga Vida’s 2-year anniversary class next Friday, the 13th, for a juicy flow and after party. P.S. I will be assisting with adjustments.

And some Food and Blog Links…

I recently bought this Lamb Jerky and Lamb BaconΒ at the Union Square farmers’ market. Delicious! It’s from the Catskill Merino Sheep Farm.

I used to read Roni’s Weigh ages ago when I first started blogging – back before there were thousands upon thousands of healthy living blogs. I came across it again recently and I’m enjoying it. She has lost and regained and lost and regained weight (not a lot, just the annoying difficult-to-be-rid-of last few pounds) and is currently trying to lose. She’s encouraging and funny and I just like to read her notes.

New Year’s Resolution Update (or should I say January Resolution Update) – I have not had any artificial sweeteners all week. A few times I almost reached for a diet soda and then remembered my intention. I feel like a lot of “bad habits” that we do are really done completely unconsciously. Mindless snacking? So easy to “wake up” and realize you’re just eaten an entire chocolate bar without even realizing you started it. Going to bed late? You suddenly look at the clock and it’s 1:30am – where did the time go? We don’t set out to do these things that bother us; they’re part of our routines. So it’s important to find a way to remind yourself to check in and see if you’re really aware and in the moment. (For January resolution #2 – I have also been doing my daily reading.)

I feel like there were more things I read this week, but nothing is coming to mind. There have been far too many “10 superfoods you should be eating”-type articles because it’s the new year, but I don’t find them particularly interesting or useful. I know I should be eating broccoli, etc…, but 10 superfoods are not going to change my life. Health is so much more than focusing on 10 foods.

What are your finds of the week?

P.S. I redid my design! Click through and tell me if you like it πŸ™‚

8 Replies to “Weekend Link Love – 1.7.2012”

  1. So over the 10 best foods list, and I cringe and flip over any article with “super food” in the title. Love the new look Maggie. It’s really clean and the font looks great. Very readable.

    Oh my gosh, what I would give to be able to flow into inversions like that. Beautiful. I’d also like to look that amazing in my underwear. πŸ˜‰

  2. Maggie – totally agree with you on the NYTMag yoga article. It seemed a little suspicious to me that of all the cases they talked about, not one of them happened in a yoga class, under the supervision of a yoga teacher! Thanks for sharing the link to the rebuttal, it’s a good one.

    New layout looks great!

  3. I read that magazine article. I didn’t really think too much about it, since I don’t do yoga and am not able to detect much exaggerations. I’m still pretty ambiguous about that one, but the message I got from his article was that it’s not the practice of yoga that is harmful but the the lengths that people take it to. Just like eating healthful is a good thing, but some people take it to the extremes.

    I like the blog design! I spot kimchi!!! Yes! πŸ˜€

    1. @sophia: That picture is from the Foodbuzz fest I believe!! I honestly don’t even remember it though; there was so much food that weekend.

  4. I just read that article while procrastinating on my homework. It’s hard to believe the NYTimes would run something so biased…I’m disappointed by it.
    And that flow was amazing, I wish I could do that.
    The lamb jerky sounds so good πŸ™‚ I might try some lamb while I’m here. So far the only meat I’ve eaten so far was some tandoori chicken in the dining hall. It was okay, but nothing special.
    Also, love the new design! It looks awesome.

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