Weekend Link Love – 1.22.2012

I only have a few links this week. Hope you enjoy.

Random Links of Love

Gena @ Choosing Raw linked to a really insightful article on HuffPo about the half lives of eating disorders. Gena does a much better job dissecting the article than I could, so I encourage you to check out her thoughts on the matter. As a recovered ED-person, I found myself nodding along with both posts, and I think anyone with an interest in mental health would find them intriguing. Liu delves into the genetic aspects of ED susceptibility and personality traits associated with the disease.

I’m sure most of you have seen the various “Sh*t XYZs Say” videos floating around lately, but just in case you haven’t, here are some of my favorites:


Some Yums I Want To Make

Biz’s Buffalo Chicken Chowder looks so good, and so simple. Cannot wait to make this.

Banana Bread Snack Cake from How Sweet It Is.

Butternut Risotto (low calorie!) from Foodie Fiasco.

How was your weekend?

3 Replies to “Weekend Link Love – 1.22.2012”

  1. Do you wanna know the most hilarious thing ever? Until you said that half of the picture was Ryan Gosling, I thought it was all George Clooney, just photoshopped on one side to make him look younger!!!!! Wow. I guess they kinda do look alike?

    1. @caronae: LOLOL! I really did just laugh out loud. That’s so funny. Well I think they are both incredibly handsome so they must have something in common.

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