Simple Lunch Stirfry Recipe and Siggi’s Probiotic Breakfast Review

i made this stir-fry for lunch yesterday (Tuesday, 1/24):

I decided to bring my lunch to work this week. We do have a cafeteria at the office, but it’s not that healthy. This stirfry is made up of:

  • broccoli + broccoli stalk (you don’t have to throw that part out – it’s great sauteed)
  • red pepper
  • can of tuna
  • frozen corn
  • fresh cilantro
  • garlic + chili powder
  • cooked in bacon fat (I save this each time I make bacon)

I had a sesame bagel alongside the stirfry.

I also vowed to bring breakfast. I normally shy away from drinking my calories, but I have found several drinks to be quite delicious as of late, in particular:

This is Siggi’s probiotic drinkable non-fat yogurt in plain (it also comes in strawberry). I don’t like siggi’s greek yogurt (too thick) but I did find this drinkable yogurt to have a good consistency (not too thick, not too thin — just right!) and flavor. I added some cinnamon to mine before drinking up. Only 45 calories in this small bottle which leaves plenty of room for other breakfast goodies like no-sugar scones.

What do you put in stirfrys? Do you drink your calories or save them for chewing?

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  1. I drink and chew my calories….most of the time together! I’m getting into wine and alcoholic beverages, though I still chug down my diet soda. They are expensive though. I’m trying to cut down because of the price.

    1. @sophia: yeah, I’m getting a little bit into white wine. red wine gives me a headache though and I don’t like beer. But Bobby and I did find this AMAZING hard apple cider that I’m now really into. It’s good to be picky about them. Yes, I agree that the diet sodas are expensive. Blah. I need to find my SodaStream soda maker. I think my dad has it.

  2. I like sprouts and tahini in stir fries, I rarely make it lately because my mom cooks!
    I don’t like drink “food”, the only non water drink I like is tea and coffee.

  3. The only calories I drink are from almond milk (with tea) and wine, otherwise I drink plenty of tea and water. Since I currently work at home mostly, I don’t have to pack food, but I’ll do that when I start working away from home regularly, in a couple of months probably.

  4. I make a huge effort not to drink my calories, I prefer to eat them 😉

    From time to time though, I will have a coconut water or a seltzer with some flavoring. Otherwise, I stick to teas and H20 to hydrate.

    1. @Jenn: I just found a couple delicious low-calorie drinks you might enjoy too – this raw coconut water I found at whole foods (Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water) and KeVita (a probiotic drink – the Strawberry Acai Coconut is the one I like I think).

  5. I love eggs & sweet potatoes in my stirfrys. Yum. Also always top them with Brewer’s yeast. I don’t like to drink my calories either – that’s why my peppermint mochas are always ordered skinny. 🙂

    1. @Heather: I’ve been meaning to ask, what is Brewer’s yeast? Is it the same as nooch? And I will have to try one of those peppermint mochas 🙂

      1. Maggie,
        Found this info on the Internet: Brewers yeast is a one-celled fungus, and used in brewing of beer. Brewers yeast is actually a by-product of the brewing process. Nutritional yeast is grown on molasses as a nutritional supplement. Neither are the same types of yeast as you use baking bread for example. Brewers yeast and nutritional yeast are not alive; they are deactivated. Brewers yeast has a more bitter taste than nutritional yeast. Many people say that nutritional yeast has a cheese flavor and like to add it to popcorn and pasta sauces…Brewers yeast has always been a good source of the very important B vitamins and chromium. If your main interest is the chromium, you should choose brewers yeast as a good source of chromium. If your main interest is B vitamins, you could choose either, but it does appear that the nutritional yeast has more of the B vitamins. Both of these yeast’s will give you a good source of non-animal protein.

        Personally, I prefer the taste of Brewer’s yeast – it’s more nutty, and it has a better texture – not so “dusty”. Love sprinkling it on bowls of oats (both savory and sweet), and it’s amazing atop eggs or veggies!

  6. Oh diet soda. If I don’t buy it I don’t drink it but everyday I find myself thinking “a diet coke would really hit the spot” 🙁 I buy it occasionally but normally stick to seltzer. We always do broccoli and carrots in our stir fry. Definitely sesame oil too.

    1. @Kristen: I kind of forgot about sesame oil! I used to use it a lot and then started trying other things and now it tends to slip my mind 🙂 Thanks for the reminder, I will definitely use it again soon.

  7. mmmmmmmmmmm that stir fry looks great! I never think of adding canned tuna into stir fries but I should try that!

    and YES to bacon fat. so much flavor!! 😀

    in addition, I am a huge broccoli trunk fan! 😀

    1. @GC: YES definitely try adding canned tuna! My sister also like to add beans (canned chickpeas) to her stirfrys. I must try that too. Hooray for broccoli trunk lovers 😀

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