Happy New Year & 2012 Recap


Did you stay up? I actually fell asleep watching 30 Rock around 11:30 but luckily I have the best husband ever and he woke me up in time to share the strike of midnight and a new year’s kiss 🙂 I’m trying to cut back on coffee thus I was very tired yesterday night.

2012 was a big year for our house – here’s a recap.

  1. taught my first (and probably last) yoga class at my old job – turns out I like taking yoga much more than teaching yoga, at least for now. People seemed to like my classes but teaching is just not for me! (January)
  2. I went back to my old job (I had left it for ~5 months, but missed it almost as soon as I’d gone). (March)
  3. My hubby and I bought an apartment in NYC. And then we renovated it (still renovating it…). (Closed in May; began renovations in November)
  4. I joined a CSA and discovered a farmers’ market on the corner of my street. (June)
  5. I joined Pure Yoga back at the end of June (and Bobby just joined in late November so now we can go to yoga together). (June)
  6. I fixed my PCOS. (Basically by eating more carbs, and more in general, more food more regularly.) I also ate a lot of PCOS bread. (July)
  7. Bobby and I went on a yoga retreat with Raghunath (August), and I tried Mysore Ashtanga yoga (July).
  8. Bobby and I went to Japan for 2 weeks for fun (and so I could finally – after 7 years of being together – meet his family!). (October)
  9. I went to India for 9 days for work. (December)
  10. NYC got hit by Hurricane Sandy – our home was unaffected, but my work lost power for a week and many of my friends and family members, including my parents, were also without power. Sandy Workout & Sandy Link Love.

What were the important things in your life for 2012?

5 Replies to “Happy New Year & 2012 Recap”

  1. Happy New Year sweet Maggie! Been thinking about you and was wondering how the renovations were going… Still going. 🙂

    Sounds like it’s been a good year for us both. Just hope my 2013 includes a little more yoga. Missing it!

  2. Hi Maggie! I used to read your blog ALL THE TIME, but somehow lost track of it over this past year. Well, today, I was cleaning out some old emails, and found one where I had asked for your macrobiotic apple pie recipe, and you had sent me the link (I didn’t have a blog back then). Anyways, I clicked over here to see all that I had been missing! Wow. Thank goodness for a 2012 recap post! I’m excited to be back on board and reading in 2013. 🙂

  3. What a great recap Maggie! Lots of good stuff going on in your life – can’t wait until all the renovation is done – hope you’ll share the pictures! (I am a bit envious, my kitchen cabinets are made out of laminated wood – you can’t even paint them!

    Happy New Year!!

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