Week-End Link Love… [July 18 2013]

I was going through my draft posts and came across a link love that I never put up. Thought I would share now, because though these articles may be a year old, they are still interesting and relevant. Since we are at the end of the week it’s kind of still “week end” link love.


The Case Against Kids. About a year ago (when I compiled these links) was around the time when I fully changed my mind about having kids (to YES, definitely). If you’d asked me a few years before, I was very much anti-kid (at least for me). Now – I hope to have one or two soon. Still a good read.

Why do zoo apes get heart disease? It could be diet, lifestyle, or stress. Interesting read.

Is Sugar Toxic? Probably, yes! Did you know the average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar per year? This is an interview between Sanjay Gupta (a doctor who is a public health advocate) and Robert Lustig (an anti-sugar doctor who is famous with the paleo/primal/low-carb crowd).

Ova Ova. A really innovative (woman-founded) start-up that helps you (women) track your ovulation and fertility naturally (temperature, etc) via something called the Fertility Awareness Method. FAM can be used to get pregnant or to not get pregnant, ha.

Learning to Walk: How America Can Start Walking Again. Re: the lack of walking / public transportation here in the states.

Recipe: Paleo Singapore Street Noodles. Looks delish!

Homemade Deodorant. A simple recipe: baking soda, cornstarch or arrowroot, coconut oil, Tea Tree Oil (optional). I currently use Soapwalla’s deodorant (which recently raised in price from $12 to $14! and I thought it was expensive before). Love Soapwalla, but it’s very pricey. I may try this next time I run out (very soon).


That’s all I have! Have you read anything good online lately?

4 Replies to “Week-End Link Love… [July 18 2013]”

  1. i’ve been really bad about reading stuff lately bc i’ve been ridiculous busy with the reno BUT i am def in the no kid camp. i feel very isolated at times because of my choice but it’s definitely the right choice for nate and i. i respect those that choose motherhood and wish they would extend me the same 🙂

  2. Wow, 130 pounds of sugar a year?? That seems like a lot, but its probably true!

    Hope you have a great weekend Maggie!

  3. That deodorant recipe sounds good. I’ve just about run out of my Soapwalla and miss it 🙁 It actually worked better than the commercial brands. I have all of the ingredients for your recipe (except coconut oil but I have coconut butter and that may actually work just as well) so maybe I’ll whip up a batch 🙂

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